Monday, May 19, 2008

Chantele and Mike's going away party!

Some of our best friends are moving to Indiana this week so we had a going away party for them! It was so fun! We love our friends so much!

Wren's birthday!

My baby turned 22 years old on May 16th! He's growin up so fast! ;) It was so fun. I got up early that morning before he had to go to work and made him breakfast and then gave him this little box. Inside was the keys to a new subaru impreza that he loves! So he went outside and I put a big bow on the windshield and he was SO surprised!!! It was so fun. I love birthdays and not having to worry about old cars that break down! WHEW!

My new family!

I love my new family so much! Wren's mom took all of his sisters and I up to the stein erickson lodge up at deer vally and got us all massages and ate dinner and watched movies it was so much fun! I'm so lucky to have them!

Our honeymoon!

We had the most fun time on our was paradise! My aunt Stacy gave us her time share to use there and it was just so much fun. We were so LAZY the whole was the best

We're married!

Yay we're finally married! It really is the best. I have the best husband in the whole world and I am so lucky to have him. We have so much fun everynight just hanging out together!