Monday, May 30, 2011


WHAT? These could be YOURS for FREE!

Hey everyone. Cami with All Things Lovely is doing a super fun giveaway starting Tuesday, June 1st, for two handmade pillows made by yours truly. I think they are quite cute if I do say so myself! Anyway, these puppies could be yours for free by doing a few simple things, so easy, you gotta go check it out! AND if you haven't followed my other blog Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts yet, I think you totally should :) AND I even made a button! What? Yes... SERIOUSLY! I'm very proud of this too because it was HARD :) But you could add it to your blog if you want. Will you? I would love you forever! Just head over to Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts to follow it or pick up my button. AND head on over to All Things Lovely for the giveaway....

Hope you had a great weekend! I know I DID!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend people! I can't wait to sleep in all three wonderful, glorious mornings....I know Wren will be.

Don't forget to check out Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts as well for a fun Memorial Day recipe. Happy Friday Night!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I am 25

I am 25

I was thinking about the last five years today and how really, it's all just one big blur, and the older I get, the blurrier it gets. I can't really remember what happened when, and the years just seem to blend into one another. It's so funny because I can remember being in high school and everything was such a big deal and I remembered everything so vividly. Who said what about who, and stupid trivial things like that. Things that were a big deal back then, wouldn't even make me bat an eye today, and if something does have an impact on me, an hour later I will have forgotten it even happened. Why is this? Am I pre-menopausal already?

Turning 25 last year was a groundbreaking moment for me.... it was the realization that I am officially in my mid-twenties. Again, how did this happen? Getting from 20 to 25. I don't remember it happening. I feel a mix of emotions when I think about it. I'm happy because I think the older I get, the more I am figuring myself out. Trust me, I still have a long way to go in that department, but I am understanding the crazy foreign language that is constantly rolling inside my head a little bit better. With a Cosmetology License and a Bachelors degree, I still have no idea, really, what I want to do. I do know I want to be Wren's wife and the mom to his babies one day though, and I guess that's all the really matters. A depressing thought is that my face will never look any younger, my hair will slowly start to grow gray, my butt ain't gettin any tighter....but with them comes wisdom I suppose. I just remember being 18 and wanting so badly to be in my twenties so people would value my opinion; treat me like an adult. Now that I'm here, I want to be younger as to not have to feel the pressure of having to have it all figured out. I want time to STOP.

Here are the last five years in pictures, they help me remember a little bit better what happened. Thought you might enjoy. Oh, and please do tell which hairstyle you like the best, I would LOVE to know :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Man I Call Mine!

Yesterday was Wren's birthday. He is officially 25 and is he desperately sad about. But that's okay, he needs to embrace it already! "I'm 25 and look how cool I am", I've been exclaiming :) I really can't say enough good things about my husband, but here is my TOP 25 on the billboard chart right now of why I love this guys so so so much!

1. He is so funny. I am always laughing! This last week I haven't been able to smile because of my bone graft and I have wanted to kill him because he keeps making me laugh! Then he says, "Sorry, sorry", and does it five seconds later. Naughty boy :)
2. He always has me on my toes, I NEVER can anticipate just what this lovely is going to do next!?
3. He has so much energy, more energy than I can even fathom having. I'm actually jealous of him when it comes to this. He will make an incredible dad because he can go and go and go like the energizer bunny, unlike his wife ;)
4. He is so active. I love this about him. He is a fantastic skier, rock climber, and mountain biker. He pushes me to do these sports with him, which naturally I am afraid of, but is sweet and patient with me as I move slower than a turtle.
5. He loves spending time with family, he loves his sisters and mom so much, and his brother and dad. He also loves my family, and always wants to hang out with them. What more could a girl ask for?
6. He likes talking about the same things as I do. I have turned him a little bit into; yours truly. He shrieks the same as me, and talks the same as me sometimes and I LOVE this. It's SO cute of him. And Wren, I am FLATTERED you want to be like me, truly, I am :)
7. I love when he's hanging out with my girlfriends or our sisters, and he leaps in, plops down, and says, "What are a couple of girls like us going to do tonight?"
8. Now don't be fooled, he is a total guy's guy, simple and unassuming, I love this about him. Absolutely NO reading in between the lines with him. If he disagrees with me, he tells me.
9. He is the best communicator I know. Whenever we argue, we RARELY fight, but we do like to argue who's right a lot. After it's over, if I'm still chapped, he's not stopping until I come out with why I'm still bugged. Wren CANNOT stand when I'm bugged with him. He forces me to tell him everything that's on my mind no matter how much I don't want to. After, I'm glad he forced it out of me because we both feel 10 times better! I can never successfully stay mad either, he always has to make me laugh.
10. He is always willing to help me out. It's funny I will say, "Hey Wren?", and he'll say, "What", and lot's of the time I am like, "Never mind", because I will have figured out whatever I was going to ask him, but he hates this. He'll say, "Sav what, just tell me", and I'm like, "No I figured it out", and we'll do this until I tell him, and then he'll go, "Oh". He just loves to be needed by me and I really like that.
11. He always tells me how much I help him in life. I love this. It's good to be reminded that you are appreciated and he is amazing at making me feel that way.
12. He loves food just as much as I do. We both love to go out to dinner. I'm so happy I married someone who's life revolves around food like mine does. It's just the simplest of pleasures in life isn't it?
13. He is very complimentary. Always telling me how much he loves a project I finished, dinner I cooked, or what I'm wearing. He is observant and I like that.
14. I love that he calls me about every hour on the hour just to say hi, or to tell me something funny he heard, or tell me when he's stressed at work, or see how I'm doing.... Really anything. Love hearing his voice.
15. He imitates people so well, and ME in particular. I don't know why I find it so funny, but he can imitate exactly how I brush my teeth, stand, pee (I know gross), exercise, sleep, and q-tip (PS I have been q-tip free for a month, holla!)
16. He is so good at taking care of me. He always makes me breakfast in the morning, brings me water because he is worried I'm not drinking enough, making sure I've eaten lunch or dinner. He is the best when it comes to this!
17. He is taking 18 credit hours of school this summer and working a full time job. He gets stressed and probably wouldn't take such a heavy work load if it weren't for me, but he does it because he knows it's important to me. I love this about him, and for what a hard worker he is. He is amazing!
18. He is very artistic. He is an incredible painter, drawer, and is just good at those kinds of things! He is getting into photography, and video editing, I know he has the potential to master both of these things!
19. He always gives to anyone in need. If we are walking on the street and someone asks us for money, he'll give them five or ten bucks and talk to them. He is so generous and is like me in the way that we realize people are born into undesirable circumstances. We were so incredibly blessed to be born into the families we were, and I can't say where I'd be or he'd be without them. Some people aren't as lucky to have this. He doesn't judge anyone for being down on their luck, and why would we do that? I don't understand that mentality, and neither does he. I love this about him :)
20. He is SO grateful for what he has. He says everyday, "Sav we are so lucky." It's true, we are extremely blessed and he is the best at recognizing this.
21. He is wise with money, but loves to have fun. Wren is great at saving as well as spending :) He understands the concept of money, as well as the need to live and enjoy life. Wow, did I just say the same sentence three different ways in a consecutive order without realizing it?! Dang, I'm good! Anyway, I love this about him!
22. He always wants me to make the most of my time and the most out of life. He wants me to pursue my talents, and is convinced I will have my own business one day. I don't know what he's even thinking of, but I love he has that much confidence in who I am.
23. He is constantly telling me how pretty he thinks I am. A girl never gets sick of that does she? NOPE!
24. He is very independent. He has had a job since he was young. I am not worried in the least about him being a great provider for our family! Besides the ladies just eat him up in interviews... :) Wouldn't you? Those dimples?! HELLO!
25. The last reason I love him is because he is HIM! He's WREN! Love you forever and ever and ever Wren! You freakin ROCK MY WORLD BABY!

Last night we went and ate at Five Guys for his birthday because, THAT my friends, is JUST how classy we really are!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I will be posting on my other blog much more than this one now.

Hi guys. Just to let you know, I am going to be posting a lot more on my other blog,, than I will be on this blog. This blog is going to be posts composed mainly of events with my family and friends for journal purposes for when I print my blog off at the end of the year. Whereas my other blog is going to be my FUN blog, with DYI's, fun finds, decorating, design, really anything I think you all would love to know about! Anyway, I've said it before and I'll say it again, become a follower of Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts, you won't be sorry, I promise! Bu BYE!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You, But I Respectfully Do Not Care

My mom sent me this message in an email today and I thought it was hilarious:

"My new motto is "I respectfully do not care." Say it to anyone who passes judgment on something you believe in."—Martha Beck, Daily Coach Tips

I am also making this my new motto because I'm tired of feeling like I have to justify things I do and don't do to others or even to myself. I think I've spent way too much time and energy worrying about what people think of me, or worrying that I'm not "good enough", whatever the heck that means. BUT from here on out, if I don't ask, "I respectfully do not care" what you have to say if it's negative :) Thank YOU very much!

(This is us saying we "respectfully do not care") :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lilly's Birthday Party, TOO CUTE!

On Saturday, our perfect little niece Lilly had her "TOO" year old birthday party up in Park City at a fun park. I can't believe how fast time goes, it seems like she was just born! She is the cutest little thing around, see for yourselves.... ;) (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger)

Playing at the Park with Aunts, Uncles, Grandpa and Grandmas!
Blowing out the Candles!
Chowin Down on Cake
Eden, Ryan, and Man-Kinley Tearin it up on the Soccer Field!
Baby Girl Lilly Opening her Presents! FUN STUFF!
"It's a tough job bein this cute, but SOMEONE'S got to do it!"
Happy Birthday Yiyeeee, we LOVE you!