Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Sunday

This Easter was a lot of fun. It was just Wren, Kate, me and mom and dad this year. But it was eventful. I created my prize of an egg, colored my sista's hair yada yada..... here are some pics. We are off to St. George for our anniversiary this weekend, can't even believe it's already been a year! I guess time flies when your in love ;) ;) Anyway, I'll try to get some fun pictures while we are down there. I have to wear my freaking glasses all weekend cause I'm getting lasik next Thursday! (YES YES YES Can't even wait! I do have to say I don't know who I'll be without my contacts I have had them for so long though) So we are off to the sunny desert to laaaayyyy out and relllaaaxxx FINALLY!
Where all the magic began.... Look what a cute daddy my hubby will be one day. Poor guy had severe allergies that day!

The three amigos.... We were lone cats this year thanks to Ty and Rache!

My dad is excited!.......

Meet Billy Bad A Himself........ this was my egg. Pretty much a kick ace piece of art if I can say so myself!

He's such a ladies man.......

My baby

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dinner for fools!

So on Wednesday, April FOOLS day to be exact, the ladies I lived with in Kauai and myself went to dinner at good old fashion Sizzler. Who goes to Sizzler you ask? Ya I wondered the same thing. We were planning on going to Cheescake Factory, but Tamra was craving the Sizz..... don't know how you go from Cheesecake to Sizzler, but what the freak? It was April fools day! Anyway, it was fun to catch up, see little baby Claire, and get all you can eat salad bar with a steak and potatoes.