Saturday, January 31, 2009

My new sweet baby - Baby Dinky!

So this is the joy Wren and I have to look forward to in the future. Our sweet baby wrapped in silk turbans. Isn't she great? She's got her fathers nose and her mothers eyes. What a little beauty child! Ha ha ha........

What do you think about my little new baby Baby Dinky? - What will your baby look like?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just a little thing I like to call a LONG post. Sorry Guys.

So I am going to post about three different nights into one post, so here goes.......
First on the list, we had Wren's family over for his mom's birthday dinner last night. It was so much fun! I made rice and enchilada's (okay I have no idea how to spell that?) Willow brought an amazing salad and we just hung out and talked. They also are having a guy, named Denny from Brasil, staying with them. We love Denny so much and he makes family gatherings complete! He is so funny and he is our brand new brother ;) Welcome to the family Denny!
Next in this FABULOUS list of events, ha ha, our bestest friend Chanty Panty and her husband Miguel are in town from Indiana. Oh my gosh, it was SOOOOOO good to see them!!! We had so much fun catching up, and when Michy, Chanty, S-bob (Sara was there too, she's just not in the pictures)and Savvy get together, it's trouble. We seriuosly can drag any story on for a VERY long time, a much TOO long of time, thank you very much. We pride ourselves on this one fact alone. We also love to laugh and laugh and laugh. And our husbands LOVE us SO much when we do these wonderfully comical things, huh guys????? Our husbands are also best friends for life with each other because of us, they can thank us for it later. Anyway, we cannot even wait for them to move back, we miss having them here, but it was so fun to see them! See you two on spring break people!
Last, Sara and Dev, Mich and Mark, and Wren and I went up to Snowbird last week to go hot tubbing. It was SO much fun, but so so friggin cold! It was well below zero. Anyway, the hot tubs are outside and getting to and from the hot tubs from inside was the hardest part, it was seriously so undescribeabely (I don't know how to spell that one either???) cold. But as we were sitting there, we felt our hair getting harder and harder. We didn't even get out hair wet, but somehow it was literally freezing into strands. Everyone kept laughing at my hair, so Wren gunned it to my purse and got our camera to take a picture of it so I could see it. Well then, like always, we got a little camera happy, and well, have a look for yourself, it was so CRAZY, and I'm sure completely unhealthy! Anyway, it was so much fun. After we were done, and all felt a little under the weather (literally) we drove down the canyon, it was so icy by the way and I almost had a heart attack from fear (my poor husband) But when we got down, we went to scone cutter and got sconed!!!! And we got hot chocolate and had some interesting conversations ;) ha ha. It was such a fun night and we love all our family and friends SO much!!!!!! Thanks for the fun week everyone!

Wren's cute mom blowing out her candles.

She doesn't look a day over 29!

Words can't explain how much I love these two ladies!

Miguel, Wren and Markus reunite at last.....

Chanty and Miguel

These are our VERY special friends, as you can see....

These guys are REAL men.

Look at our hair???! It was insane!

Starting to feel a little sick after the extreme temp. differences.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas time baby!

We had such a fabulous Christmas this year! We got to spend lots of time with both of our families. It was definitely crazy but so much fun! We started Christmas Eve night by going to dinner with my family at the Olive Garden. It was DELICIOUS people! After, we went over to Wren's parents house. His mom always does a really neat lesson and we exchange gifts with the siblings. Everyone gave such fun things. It was so much fun! When we finished up there, Wren and I came back to our apartment and opened the presents we got for each other. It was way fun spending our first Christmas together! Then on Christmas Day, we went to Wren's house and opened presents from his mom and dad. They are way too sweet and gave us FAR too much. Willow and Carter started breakfast and we rushed up to my families house to open gifts with them. It's always a comical time on Christmas morning with my family since all of us are SO not morning people. But it was fun to get presents from my brothers and sisters, they are so sweet. My parents gave us way too much as well. We always say how lucky we are to have such neat parents. After this, we went back to Wren's house to eat a fabulous breakfast and talk to Wren's brother McKinley who is on his mission in Brasil. It was so fun to talk to him and to hear Wren speak Portuguese with him. They are talented boys. Next we went to my grandparents and ate way too much, followed by seeing the movie Valkyrie with Adam and Em's family. We had such a fun Christmas this year thanks to our wonderful families! We hope everyone had tons of fun as well and we love you all very much! HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!
My mom and dad and my little sister Kate getting ready to kick off a fabulous Christmas Eve!


Me with my brother and sisters.

Mr. and Mrs. Withers.

Wren and his cute mom.

Wren's mom and I. Everyone always thinks she is my mom whenever we go anywhere, and I'll take that as a compliment people!

My husband makes a mean dinosaur.

Carter drew my name and gave me very cute things. Thanks for helping him Willow!

Wren and his cute sister Willow.

Eden gave Carter a smoked salami, ha ha!

Look at that handsome man sitting there in that chair.

Wren's mom and sisters. We are missing his sister Allysum who lives in Durango. We missed you Allysum!

Wren's cute family. This was such a neat night!

About to open the presents from each other on Christmas Eve night. Our very fist Christmas with each other people! It was so much FUN!!!!!! This was my very favorite part of all of Christmas!

He's such a romantic that boy

My baby sure has a nack for opening gifts.

Wren spoiled me far too much!

Wren's kitty received cat nip for Christmas, and well, went a little crazy as you can tell! CREEEEP!

Rachie and myself

My happy daddy. Look how pleased he is at the birdhouse me and my sisters made for him and gave him for Christmas. We were quite pleased if we can so so ourselves.

My mom and brother.

Me and my Wrenagins

Wide awake people

My family Christmas Morn. Everyone lookin their best!

My cutest Grandpa in the whole world!