Friday, February 25, 2011


Let's play a little game. You pick which tree you think is alive and flourishing, and then pick which tree has croaked....

Tree #1

Tree #2
What's the white stuff you ask? Ya, that's mold.
Now if your wife (or husband) asked you to throw the dead tree out, which one would you choose? Ya.... not Wren. He chose to discard Tree #1. Reason 1,999,000 why I love HIM... VERY much! Yay for boys!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines ;)

Our Valentines Day started out last week. Kate, Eden, and I went to my mom's house and we decorated Sugar cookies for my grandparents. We're pretty pro huh?
Okay now for the cutest thing ever! Look how freaking cute these pictures are? Wren MADE them and surprised me with em. Aren't they so awesome? I can't believe he made them! He's my very talented Valentine!
On Valentines Day I made more of these...
.... and we had Mark and Michelle over for a Valentines breakfast. We made....
.... omelets and.....
....french door knobs. They were might tasty if I do say so myself!
After, Mich and I surprised these cute boys with ski passes to Snowbird. I had gotten work off for Wren like a month ago so he had no idea about breakfast or skiing until that morning. So fun! That night, Wren made me a great dinner and we did my favorite thing, watch Bachelor! Yay for Bach! I love Wren so much. He is the best Valentine a girl could ask for ;) Love you sweet butt!

McKell and Allyssum's Birthday!

We celebrated Wren's dad, McKell, and his Sister, Allyssum's, birthday on February 9th. Hollie and McKell made delectable dinners as usual and we chatted and played with the babies. Skyler loves dump trucks and tractors and says "dump it" over and over again when watching the youtube videos of them. Bet you didn't know you could find videos of dump trucks dumping garbage did you? Well you can, and they're awesome. Ha ha, Skyler and Lilly like to fight for front and center of the computer when watching these videos. They push each other out of the way, it's too cute!
Birthday Steak...
The birthday kids blowing out their candles
Allyssum, we hope you got everything you ever wanted from hinting ;)
Happy Birthday to McKell and Allysum, we love you guys!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Wren and I went to Vegas this last week. We stayed in the Vdara Hotel in the new City Center. It is incredible there, the architecture, lights, and decor is to die for. We couldn't afford a single thing in the whole center but it was still so fun to see all of it.

We flew in on Monday and got there around 9:00am Monday morning. We took a shuttle to the rental car place and rented us this little gem.
It's called a Kia Soul, and I really did love it. It was a zippy little thing, I chauffeured my husband the whole trip since I am 25 and he's only 24, I know, still a baby... ;) It was the best driving around the city with the windows rolled down and music turned up. It was also nice too, because I have only ever been to Vegas on the weekend when the strip is packed, so it was great not having traffic the whole time.
There's our hotel!
Our room, I was in love....

I took two baths a day in this tub. It was so deep, the water came up to my neck... my idea of heaven ;)

First things first, we decided to go to the pool since the weather was so nice.
This is the view from our room......
We could see the Bellagio fountains at night! In fact, our building and the Bellagio were connected which was really convenient.
Incredible ;)
My sexy husband
The elevator was so nice, I know so random, but it was! We were on the 47th floor so the elevator would go so fast, it literally made me sick as it was coming to a stop... I told Wren, no roller coasters, who needs one with this elevator!? Ha ha ha.... I'm here all week.
If you look close enough, you may be able to see Wren's webs....
The pool
The Lobby

The first night we were there we went to the best restaurant. It is called The Firefly. They have Spanish food there, it was so amazing. I wish they had one here. They had these bacon wrapped dates which were to die for, and these cream cheese empanada things. Tasty!

After dinner, we walked around some hotels. I thought these chairs were so snazzy!

We went shopping at H&M. I am obsessed with almost everything in there. Wren tried on these blue cords, I thought his butt looked hot in them, but as are most pants for him... too restricting, so sad ;)
That night we decided to take on the town ;) ha ha

Wren gettin his hair did

We walked around a lot of the new hotels. The hotel next to ours was called the Cosmopolitan. It is nuts, not joke, we couldn't believe the architecture and decorations. It would have taken years and years to come up with. We walked around mesmerized for hours there!

We ate at this restaurant lounge in the Cosmopolitan called Holsteins. They had amazing milkshakes there. We got a s'more one, with some sweet potato fries, and fried pickles. We are way too healthy for our own good! Ha
Loved all the signs where we stayed.

The third day, we went to Dunkin Donuts and just shopped some more. That evening we went and walked the strip again.

We went to Serendipity and got a peanut butter frozen hot chocolate. We sat outside by the heaters and stared at people walking past, mesmerize-rising.

Look at that pure deliciousness!

That night we walked around some more and ate dinner at Cheesecake factory.
Where's Wren? If you look real close, you might be able to spot him....

Wren doing his googly eye. So funny!
Hi Sweetheart. You lookin at meeeee boy?

We had so much fun. The best part was getting to be there all weekend with Wren. I often get so caught up with work and everything else in life, that I don't take enough time to remember how much he means to me and how wonderful he is. He is so much fun to be around and we could just laugh all day with each other. He's so kind to me all the time and I aspire to be like him. Sitting here at work, I already miss not getting to be with him all day :( Anyway, stay classy Vegas (actually, not so much)..... unit next time!