Saturday, June 28, 2008

We went to Wren's family reunion last night. It was good to meet lot's of his cousins and people I never knew he was even related to! They were all so nice and welcoming!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our FIVE favorite things.... Inspired but none other then harry carry herself! (Thanks harry!)

Well these will probably be more of MY favorite things, because let's face it, I'm not really sure if Wren even knows what blogspot is. I've told him I set us up one, but he didn't seemed too intrigued.......

#1 We LOVE the new frozen yogurt place called Red Mango! It is so amazingly good. They have all these different kinds of healthy mix ins, and their store is so cute. It has a fireplace and is decorated darling. We love it and it is one of our favorite things to go get. Plus it's healthy.... How can ya beat it?

#2 Laying by the pool. I seriously love it because it is so relaxing. It's so nice having one at the apartments. I have an hour lunch so I go out and lay by the pool on my lunches, and usually on my days off. It's funny to see residents at the pool when I'm on my lunch, and then later that day they come into the office and I'm dressed and working. They are confused and probably think I'm obsessed with it, but well.... I AM! Wren likes it soo ;)

#3 My flower pots. So I got these huge flower pots from a lady in my aunt's ward and when I got them they didn't have very many flowers growing from them. But given sunlight and water they have exploded! I can't believe how many flowers are growing from them! But I love them and we love sitting outside on our balcony with them ;) There's just somethin about flowers!

#4 The book Escape by Carolyn Jessop. I can't say that I loved it because it is a very horrifying book on polygamy and what it's like to grow up in it. I just finished it today. But that has been one of my very favorite things this last week. I would highly recommend it!

#5 WREN'S TOP FAVORITE THING! Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies....I think wren is addicted to them. I also believe he is a creature of habit. He has formed this habit and now he can't break free. I found this recipe for these cookies and altered it just a bit because I didn't have all of the ingredients, but they turned out just delightful if I can say so myself. Wren has about 10 a day. It's pretty funny cause I can't even get near the container of them without him getting protective. When we ran out of them the other night, he begged me to make more and it was like eleven at night, and I have to make them from scratch! But I did because he seemed SO desperate and because I just love him that much!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Girls!

I'd like to thank all my bestest of friends for all the support they gave me on our big day! You all are so sweet and I love you so much! Thanks Mich for taking me to get my nails done and for doing my hair and helping me with the million errands I had that day, I would be a mess without you in every aspect of my life. And Sara for taking me to get my toes done and getting our clothes ready for the big day. And for the fabulous bachorlette trip to vegas you all took me on, full of pedicures and dinners and laying out and fun!!! You guys are so awesome and I don't know how I got such amazing friends! I LOVE YOU! We'll always stay close and have our babies together!!!!! ;)

Our wedding pictures!

Here are some of our wedding pics! We have alot more on facebook and myspace if you want to see other ones! We loved this day and loved everyone who came!

Friday, June 6, 2008

My new bike!

I finally got my new road bike. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much! I went on a perfect ride this morning, it was just great. Wren really wants to get one now too so then we can ride them together!