Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vegas BABY!

Last weekend, my friend Chantele's husband booked us a hotel in Vegas for a girl's trip. It was SO much fun, and SO needed! We had the best time, and nothing is better than laughing and talking with my best girlfriends all weekend. We laid out, shopped, ate out every meal, and ate WAY WAY WAY too much, went dancing, and had so much fun on the road..... the best kind of trip basically. We had no plans, no where to be, and it felt so good to finally get some relaxation time in. It was one of those trips that was hard to come home from and made me miss our messy, bombed, bra-strung, makeup covered, wet swimsuit, unmade bed, steamy bathroom, hotel room. We had so much fun and seriously need to do it way more often. I love these sistas! Thanks again Miguel for getting us the sAwEEt hotel room.

First thing we did.... lay out, it was the best! And the pool was so nice. I enjoyed every second!
The photographers of both these pics ought to be shot..... c'mon people, not that hard to focus first.
Now back to my pro focusing self thank you very much ;)
Sippin pina coladas at the pool.... fabuloso!
Getting to Caesar's Palace to find somewhere to eat and shop, guard your credit cards husbands!
Sittin down to eat dinner at the rain forest cafe in Caesar's Palace.
We finished this hauuuge cake in less than five minutes, delish!
We're a bunch of partay animals... no pun intended ;)
Why... that's a human like manikin?
Sad to leave H&M :( Spent way too much, but am in love with it all!
The morning that we left, we decided to hit up Serendipity, it was fabulous and did surely not disappoint!
This was the highlight of S-bob's trip!
Obsessed with these lights!
In LOVE with this clock.
Large and in Charge Doughnuts...
With LARGE and in charge hot chocolate! Delish!
One of my top ten faves of the trip, seeing a gas station named "Terribles", ha ha, seriously? I can't get over how funny this is! I'm going to start calling Wren "Terribles" now.
Now that's flexibility baby! Ha ha, it was a long drive back in that middle seat....
But SO worth it, thanks ladies, love you all!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Moving and BBQ

Well, we are moved out of our apartment and in transition mode to get to our new place. We are staying with Wren's parents until the residency permit is approved out at our new place. It will hopefully be this week. I started my new job and man is it hectic, I have done everything from buying everything for the office, cleaning the office and the apartment, getting keys made, finding retail items to sell, setting up the business bank accounts, trying to rent storage units, to learning 600 storage unit numbers. It is going to be a HUGE job with more responsibility than I can even think about right now, but it will help me learn s0 much. I am SO in love with the new apartment and feel so lucky that WE get to live there, but I have had a really sad week. I miss my old apartment and my job so much. It's like I "broke up" with it, I just have a pit in my stomach every morning, but I know it will go away, and the more days that go on, the easier it will get. My last day at my old job, we had our big apartment BBQ, so my manager kind of turned it into a going away party for me. It was sweet, but so hard, the whole time I couldn't imagine leaving. Kim got a big cake that said "Good luck Savannah" and had everyone sign this big orange poster board. It was so hard to say bye to everyone, I loved and was so close to everyone I worked with and all 136 units of residents that lived there, they were like my family, I knew so much about each person that lived there. It was such a good feeling walking out of our apartment, or out of the office and knowing every single person I ran into. I will miss the kids there so much too. I will miss there smiling faces running into the office yelling, "Savannah, what can we do to help you!" It really was the best job. I miss Kim my manager, and Victor our maintenance guy so much too. All three of us became so close and I didn't realize how much I relied on them and loved them until I left. My heart also hurts that we left our first apartment together and the area that we lived in. I LOVED the area! Being right there by 2-15, right by the mountains, next to every grocery store we loved, I loved being by Wild Oats, I will miss driving into the complex under the tunnel of trees. I hope to be able to move back there someday. I will miss our apartment so much, we have so many fun memories there. It was our first home together. I will miss the sun coming into our apartment in our west facing windows in the evening, I will miss my walk in closet, I will miss sitting on my balcony and talking to everyone as they passed. I cried as I shut the door there for the last time. I have such fond memories of Highland Pointe and I feel a little sad right now. I need someone to tell me that the daybreak area in South Jordan is a good area and that we will like it. I know we just need to get settled there and make new memories, but right now I'm missing the other place too too much. Oh well, I need to just build a bridge and get over it. Below are some pictures of the BBQ and moving.

Also, I can't think of anything worse than moving, ESPECIALLY when you're not moving yourself. That is why I give a HUGE thank you to all of our friends and family who helped us move! Thanks to our neighbor Eric, Wren's friend Sean, my maintenance guy and friend Victor, my amazing DAD who drops anything to help me, and to Ryan our brother in law, Wren's dad, and my mom who helped me make sure my fragile stuff got there in one piece. We were at my apartment packing everything into the trucks for at least three hours, and they all stuck around! WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!
Victor haulin stuff up to the park
Me and my side kick for the last three years
Settin up for the BBQ
Cute Dawson and Justin, they have nightmares from the rumored Old Man Smith, so hilarious!
Beautiful property
Our maintenance guys and I, love them
Cute Braven and Jacobi
Good old Vicci's Secret, ha love this pic!
Kim and Cindy ready to get the partay started!
Cute baby boys, love them!
Wren and Victor
Katrina, Cindy, and Lilly
Cute Fairbanks family, Holly was my GO TO GIRL!
Good old Bernie
Steve and Lora, cute parents to be ;)
Misty misdemeanor Elliot!
Anne and Kim
Dominic and Marie
Kim and Kelly
Cute Claudia
Jaci, Hannah, Eli, McKenna, Sage and Aspen
Cory and Melissa
Nicole and my favorite baby! She's adorable!
Lillian and her cute little baby
Dan and Jacki that always tried to pawn their plants off on me
McKenna, Paige, Toby, Peyton
Melissa, Claudia, Hope, Dan, Michelle, and Nicole
Cute Hope
Cute Jamie, Brecken, and Delaney
Cute little ladies that I love! Will miss long talks with them ;( Hannah, Jacie, and Eli
Jeanie, Melissa, Dominic, Marie, and McKensie
My cute little boys who would beg me to give them papers to pass out instead of the girls. Loved teasing them about their girlfriends.
The girls from Kim's properties, I love these sistas!
Cute Alice and I, I will miss the long talks I had with her, she is 95 and doing great still!
Mark Fellows and the best darn music chores tor for primary that there is! Thanks for taking that calling off me hands!
Dan promised me his "knock you naked brownies" with caramel in them for watering his plants while he was gone, but he didn't have time to make them, so he brought me these POS's instead, thanks for nothing Dan!
Darin, AKA the American Victor
Kim and I with her cute sons, Bronson and Nico
Wren and one of my fave residents, Dan.... he is single ladies, let me know who's interested!
Aryn, Joe, Braxton and their friends
Kim's mom and nieces, and Cindy, Alicia, and Carmen, other Pentalon coworkers, love them all!
Our Highland Pointe little family, this is who I lived with almost everyday for the last three years! Love you guys!
Sandy and Becky

I know that was a lot to see, but I just wanted to always be able to remember these great friends I have made and will never forget! Thanks Highland Pointe for making the first 2 and 1/2 years fabulous!