Friday, July 22, 2011

Skyler's Two Year Old Birthday Party!

Last week it was our adorable little nephew's birthday party.  He turned 2.  You're really getting up there Skyman!  It was a digger theme party, since after all, diggers are all the rage right now.  In Skyler's head they are anyway :)  Hollie and McKell had their time share up at Snowbird so that's where we partied.

Look how freakin cute he is!
McKell, or "pompa" as the babies call him
Cute Willow, birthday boy's momma
Baby girl Lilly, she's so stinking cute!
Hollie, or to the babies, "Mi Ma Hoo Hoo".  LOVE this name!
T. Carter Maudsley, birthday boy's very prestigious father ;)
Delicious food!

Cute uncle Wren
America's next top model, Allyssum.  Watch out Kim Kardashian :)
Uncle Ryan, he's so kewl
Birthday boy playing with his new green dump truck.  Mi Ma Hoo Hoo gave it to him, it's safe to say that it was the beloved gift from the party.

It was the perfect summer night :) 
I can't get over how cute these babies are together!  Love them!
Lilly even got a present.  A snowbird bear with a backpack from Mi Ma!
Then the adults got their game faces on to see who could get through the cones with the fastest time without knocking them over.
It was dead serious.

This one below, of Willow, is my all time favorite!  She's so happy go lucky :)
Wren beat everyone.  I could see it in his eyes that he just had to win.... Pretty funny!

Thanks for being born Skydiz, we sure do love your two year old self!