Monday, November 30, 2009

Huge Boutique!

So this Saturday I am selling a whole bunch of jewelry I have made to sell in this boutique. I have made watches, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I used a lot of turquoise and cute different beads and have spent hours upon hours making them (not good timing with finals!) Anyway, there is going to be tons and tons of sellers, it is going to be at a dance studio in draper and it's taking up four big dance studio rooms so lot's of different stuff there for x-mas presents, and none of the sellers sell the same stuff either. I would love for everyone to come even if you don't want to buy anything and just say hi! It goes from 2-7 and the address is 11503 south 700 east, and it's this Saturday, december 5th. If you do plan on buying anything, the studio does not have a way for credit card machines so we can only take cash or check, I would love for anyone who wants to come to come! If you have any questions about it just ask!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! We woke up early to run the Thanksgiving 5k with Wren's family, there were so many people there I could not even believe it! After, we went back to Wren's parents house and got some hot chocolate because we were SO cold, I camped out by his mom's little heater the whole time. We then went home and got ready for Thanksgiving dinner. We invited Wren's family to my family's dinner this year. My dad's company owns a lodge up in Midway called Inn on the Creek, so we ate up there. We had part of my mom's side of the family and my dad's side of the family come. It looked like a wedding, it was so amazing! We had tons of tables set up and everyone served the food they prepared in the banquet warmers. It was fun to have a variety of people up there, the more the merrier right? I do believe so. After we finished cleaning the joint up, we went back down to Wren's house and ate pies. I was to full to eat another bite, but it was fun to see his family and little Sky man, he is so freakin cute! You'll have to see the pictures below of him doing his first "marathon", ha ha so funny, I love his little beanie. I hope all of you enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did!
Wren's family
Getting ready and FREEZING our butts off it was like 20 degrees
Skyman's a multi-tasker, doin his first marathon AND drinkin his ba ba
Cute little family, Willow, Carter, and Skyler
Relieved I made it......
Our family women, Heidi's family women, and Grandma
Eden, Denny, and Wren
Rachie and Emmy
My babe
My cousin and uncles
Both of my grandmas, so cute!
I also wanted to post some pictures of the night we went to Phil and Alli's wedding, some of our good friends, Phil is one of Wren's best friends. The wedding was at Hill Air Force Base, and I think all of us were mentally challenged because it took 2 and a half hours to finally make it to the wedding! Oh my heck, first we didn't know what freakin exit to get off on, four exits later, we finally found the right one. After we were in the base, it took us going to two separate buildings with the wrong "event", a ton of driving around, lot's of complaining, and asking MANY people for directions, we FINALLY found it when it was almost over! And all Britt and I wanted to do was go home and make cinnamon rolls, we were ALL so bugged with each other, it was so funny. But the wedding was worth the hours of confusion, Alli looked beautiful and Wren loved seeing Phil. Below are some pictures from the wedding and also some random pictures on the drive home, SO funny!
Matt, Kaden, Phil, and Wren
Britt and I
uhhhhhh? Britt should we be worried that our husbands like each other more than friends?
Mizzo and his little buddy system partner

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too much for one title......

Well there is definitely a lot of catching up to do. I have not written forever! Let's see where do I start? School has been busy, only two semester left, I can't wait till I'm done! Wren will be transferring up to the U with me in the spring so I hope we can take at least one class together, I love when we're in the same classes. This week is Wren's parents time share up at Snowbird so we went up there and hung out. His sister Allysum is in town with her sweet Lilly. It is so good to see them! Willow came up with Skyler too, these babies are so stinking cute and funny and change the whole dynamic for family get togethers, I love it! You say baby, and I am there, I love them! We just ate and relaxed, and ate and relaxed! My two favorite thing to do..... So here are some cute pictures of the babies and our overnight stay.... Also, our friend Brittany had birthday get together at PF Changs. It was so good and we love getting together with Matt and Britt and Robby and Stacy, always makes for some GOOD laughs! Happy Birthday again Britt!

That picture up there is for you Wren!

Look how stinking cute this little guy is? Looks SO much like Wren when he was a baby, wouldn't be surprised if ours popped out looking just like him! And would love it too! AND that is the little sweater vest I gave him that I am in love with!

Look how dang cute these tights are on Lilly? A girl after my own heart, I'd wear these if I could get away with it! Yay for everything girly!

Isn't she sweet?

It was my birthday on the 19th of October. Twenty freakin FOUR years old! Can you believe it? Me neither! Wren and I went up to the Inn On the Creek in Midway for my birthday, it was so much fun just to get away for the weekend. We relaxed, played tennis, and I took lot's of baths! That is the one thing I WILL have one day, a BIG bathtub! I have never taken showers my whole life (only baths) until I moved into our apartment, our bathtub is too little now and I can't handle that, anyway, just a little reminder to myself that one day......... So thanks mom and dad for getting us the room! Oh yeah, and my favorite part! The whole room was leaopard and zebra print! My fave! When we got home, my friends came over for a birthday party Kaddy planned for me. It was an eighties birthday party and was so GOOD to see all my besties! Thank you for the good food, laughs, and presents, I love all of my friends so much! Thank you to everyone for making my birthday so great! Then for Halloween........... I had dressed up as Wendy for work, and by the time night time roled around, my head itched so bad I had to just be an eighties chick, I know that's what everyone does, but what's a girl to find in two hours? Oh funny thing about the Wendy costume, my friend Katie let me borrow it, and this little kid came to my work and kept giving me the funniest looks, I mean hello, I get why, I had two red pigtails sticking straight out of my head, but he looked so confused so I asked him what he was thinking, and told him that this wasn't how I normally looked, it was just my costume for Halloween and he goes, "Well I know it's for Halloween and that is why your wearing it but..... eeewwwww!" I was speechless! So funny, so I guess it was really..... gross? Anyway, that night our friend Nick Broadhead threw a big Halloween party. We ate and just hung out, it was really fun. He had been working on this "surprise" all night and we had no idea what it was. All he had told us was to bring warm clothes. So here I am getting myself all worked up that we were going to have to do something awful outside in the freezing cold, but it turned out to be the funnest thing ever! Behind his backyard is basically the woods, so he hung a big white sheet off two trees and projected a scary movie onto it. Each couple had like four blankets, and to top it off, he had cooked potatoes and we took these hot potatoes and put them in tube socks that he had told us to bring. They stayed hot the WHOLE movie! And everyone knows how in love I am with little heaters, heating pads, you name it if it's hot I love it, maybe that's why I like Wren so much! SNAP! Ha ha, AND they brought out apple cider! It was the funnest thing ever watching a movie under the stars with fun friends, and bundling up next to my hubby! Anyway, so much fun. I hope everyone has a GREAT thanksgiving! Until next time........