Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This weekend we went up to bear lake with my whole family, it was so much fun! We all just hung out and boated and relaxed. It was neat we got to baptize my cousin Sage up there, so we had a neat meeting in the cabin, me and all my cousins sang, and the spirit was so strong to be in a room with all the people that I love the most! Wren and I brought our bikes up there, we road around the lake early one morning, it was so much fun, I love just hanging out with my husband, he is the best. My dad made smoothies for us everynight that were delicious! Wren and I slept in a tent on the porch cause there weren't enough beds. I've never slept better in my life! The stars up there are amazing! But we loved it and love our family so much!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mission memories

We had Wren's missionary reunion this last weekend. His mission president came home so everyone gathered together. It was so awesome to meet everyone he worked with for two years and his mission presidents who were like his parents and took care of my guy! ;) But it was so fun, and they all had the nicest things to say about my husband...but hey I already knew how wonderful he is! Here' a shout out to all those fabulous missionaries out there, you're amazing and keep pressing on kids! And to his brother Kinley on a mission, we love you so much and what you are doing!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


A. Attatched or Single- Very Attatched.
B. Best Friend- I love all my friends, Michelle because she is so gash dang funny and can wrap better than ANYONE I know! Katie because she is so nice and fun and is always up for a good time and laugh...people hate us when we're together!, Katie my cuz because we're one in the same and think the same, Sara because she is such a good friend and always visits me ;) and loves to watch our reality shows, Chanty because I love her big mama black accent when she gets hyper, Hailers because she's so logical, and Dana because she's big D and I ain't talkin Dallas...and because I use her to get to her dogs.....I have many other fabulous friends.
C. Cake or pie- My grandma's Cherry cheesecake is BOMB!
D. Day- Thursday
E. Essential item - Lip gloss, gum and my wuggle!
F. Favorite Color- I love any shade of green, never been a pink person but am actually starting to like it alot!
G. Gummy bear or worms- Gummy bears in Vanilla ice cream
H. Hometown- Great old Salt Lake valley
I. Indulgences- Redecorating (Wren hates me) Learning to cook new things, and LOUNGING with my hubby all day and not having one dang thing to do all day long...
J. January or July- July...January is the pits
K. Kids - We want a baby so bad because they are so chubby and cute and just say THE DARNDEST things!
L. Life would be incomplete without- Wren, My mom and dad and brother and sisters, friends, laughing and FOOD!
M. Marriage date- April 23, 2008
N. Number of siblings- Three~ Rachael, Ty and Kate... well actually four, Jorji my brother dog and also my mom's favorite
O. Oranges or apples- Oranges
P. Phobias or fears- Losing someone I love
Q. Quote - "When it comes to getting dressed, men are a little bit more important than handbags but less important than shoes. At any rate, we are merely accessories."
– Ashton Kutcher
R. Reason to smile- Because I am so blessed
S. Season- Fall, I love Autumn light
T. Tag- Huh?
U. Unknown fact about me- I have a uni and have to pluck my eyebrows everyday
V. Vegan or oppressor- Definately NOT a vegan, I LOVE meat in any way shape or form
W. Worst habit- Plucking my eyebrows
X. Xrays or ultrasounds- Ultrasounds, because that will mean I am pregnant! ;)
Y. Your favorite food- Anything BBQ...oh and Ben and Jarrys Cinnamon Buns ice cream, me and wren just tried it yesterday, literally I thought I was going to die and go to heaven
Z. Zodiac Sign- Libra

Weekend with Wren's family!

So we went up to Snowbird this week because it was wren's families time share. It was so fun to be with his family. They are so cute. His sweet grandpa died this week. It was very sad but happy at the same time. He'll get to be with his daughter Heidi and so many other loved ones on the other side. So we went to his funeral. There we so many amazing talks, and he was very loved.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kattie's Birthday!~

Last night we went to the Olive Garden for our great friend Katie's birthday! It was so much fun! I love my friends so much, they are all so dang cute and fun. We just laugh he whole time. It was so fun to talk with them all. It's crazy to see us grwoing older, getting married, some having babies, getting their first house, graduating...it's crazy, it just barely seems like we were all hanging out and in high school! Time flies...but anyway we had a blast! Happy Birthday Katie! We wish you were there Chanty!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th of July!

The day before the 4th of July, we went and stayed up in Midway with my family. It was so fun! My dad knows this guys who works at Inn On the Creek so we each got our own rooms with huge bathtubs and fireplaces. It was so fun! We just hung out with my family and went boating that evening up at Deer Creek. It was such a perfect time to go. The sun was setting and it was super warm. That night we went to dinner. We all packed into our car, all seven of us, and drove to the restaurant. It was so funny we all told our most embarrasing moments. Then the next day we went boating all day. We all learned how to do that new wake surf thing, it was really fun.....I think it's safe to say we're basically all pro surfers now ;) But it was fun to watch everyone ski and wakeboard, my little sister Kate is awesome at skiing. My dad got one of those three man tubes, so me and my sister rache and sister Kate, and my mom all piled on it. I strategically placed Kate in between me and my mom cause me mom's legs were completely out of control! She alomst kicked me a million times. But it was so funny because no one ever falls off of those tubes, but everytime with out fail, we'd all look over and my mom would just be gone, we couldn't even breathe we were laughing so hard! It was so funny! Oh man. But anyways, after boating Wren and I drove back home, so we could go to driveway of fire with his family. His mom made us dinner and then we watched the fireworks out on the driveway. After that his dad made us rootbeer floats and we watched Harry and the Hendersons. It was such a fun night. It made me just want to be little again. But we had such a fabulous 4th thanks to our awesome families! We love you guys!

Weekend up Ogden Canyon!

On Wenesday night Wren and I went and stayed at the Alaskin Inn. It's a very cute little cabin place up Ogden canyon. It was so nice just to get away and hang out with each other! The room was SO cute! Sara you would have loved it, it was a hole mining theme, but it was fun. We went to dinner at the cutest little restaurant that we could walk to from the inn. Of course I wore heels and had to walk up a trail thing, Wren hates me when I don't bring tennis shoes everywhere we go, but oh well. We ate a whole half of a chicken! I'm so glad we shared a meal cause we were both dying! But we just relaxed after and it was so fun! I love Wren so much!