Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Festivities!

This year we had such a fun Christmas weekend! On Thursday, the day before Christmas Eve, we went and slept up at my aunt Heidi's cabin. It was fun to lounge around, eat, and talk with all of my cousins, sisters, aunt, uncle and grandma! Her cabin is so nice and Wren and I got the room with the most comfortable bed! It was the best.... The next day we got up and my dad, Nate, and Wren made a big breakfast for all of us including, but not limited too, omelets, pancakes, and smoothies, all of my favorites! After that, Dave and Nate went and built a fun sleigh riding hill for everyone to sleigh ride down. It was fun watching everyone go down. It was the most beautiful day. It was sunny and pretty warm considering we were up in Kamas and there was snow everywhere! I will always remember this day. I asked my mom to take some pictures of Wren and I since it was so pretty and because we haven't really had any pictures taken of us since our wedding (which is almost THREE years which I can hardly believe!) I like how they turned out, I don't know how they could go wrong with the scenery in the background! Shortly after this, we packed our things and headed down the canyon to go to Wren's parents house for their big Christmas Eve thing they do every year. Hollie and McKell made the best meal as usual, chicken noodle soup with scones. She set the table so pretty. For desert she made Baked Alaska which is my weakness, it was delicious! After dinner we went in their cozy new room with a fireplace and their huge cute Christmas Tree and listened to some cute stories that Hollie read about "coming home", which was her theme this year. She gave us our cute pajamas and we took a picture of everyone. Wren and I decided to sleep over since we had all of our things. Hollie made us hot chocolate and Eden, McKinley, Wren and I went and tucked ourselves in downstairs and watched the third Twilight. It was so fun to have a slumber partay! The next morning we woke up and had a big breakfast that Hollie made, yet again delicious...bacon, egg, and cheese potato casserole, and cinnamon rolls! We opened up our presents and were spoiled as usual by them! It was fun to wake up there and have family around, it gets kind of quiet with just Wren and I so I loved it! After, we rushed over to my parents house to open up presents and to talk to Ty, my brother on his mission in Spain. It was so good to talk to him and he sounds like he is doing good. It's sad not to have him home on Christmas but I'm sure it's not that big of a deal to him... he's a guy.... My parents spoiled us too too much too. It was fun opening presents and seeing what everyone got each other. After, my dad made us evil beavers (eveilskeivers, I have NO idea how to spell it! ha ha) and we ate them up, they are one of my absolute faves! But as usual, it put me into a morphine drip coma and we were all a little comatose for awhile after! After we napped for a bit and then went up to my grandma and grandpa's house and gave them their gifts. It's always good to see them, they are so cute! They gave us way too much as usual too. We are so lucky to have such amazing families, we are really really blessed! Finally, we drove home and unpacked and did laundry and opened each other's gifts. Wren gave me a cute pair of sparkly Tom's shoes and I gave him some clothes and then surprised him with a trip to Vegas in February, (he also took it upon himself to buy his own Christmas present this year, some new ski boots he had been obsessing over since I apparently have bought WAY too much during, but no limited to, (ha ha) the month of December, I just love buying things!? Is there something wrong with that? ha ha) A little bit later my Grandma and Aunt Shelley came over to our place so I could give my Grandma her Christmas present since I forgot to bring it to the cabin. We chatted with them for awhile. They left and we my friends hit the hay! We had so much fun with everyone this year and I can say I think it's been our best Christmas yet! Sorry this is kind of a boring post, but I did it more as a journal for when I make my book at the end of this year. There are a gajillion and one pictures below, so sorry if you get bored! I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a safe and happy NEW YEAR!
Purses I made for Sara, Willow and Hollie
Wren's white elephant gift at his family Christmas party, large and in CHARGE! Real or NOT real?
My presents for everyone, got this wrapping idea from my friend Jen's style blog.
Up at the cabin!
At Wren's families house on Christmas Eve
Our sleepover!
Christmas morning, look at that Tree!
My house on Christmas morn
Sexy sock dad
Cute sock my grandparents gave me, they smell good! I love them!