Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Honeymoon

Okay, so no one has really seen our honeymoon pictures. I was going through my pictures tonight, and boy are there some classics! What a pair we make, I'm very worried. So here are some pictures documenting our fabulous honeymoon. My aunt Stacie gave us a free time share, and boy was it a shocking surprise when we finally got there, a day late might I add because of a TERRIBLE ear ache I came down with on our wedding night. YES that's right, my wedding night. Wren really loved that, poor sucker. I think he's over it. Anyway, it came as a shock because it was immaculate! So thank you Stacie for the time share, Wren for the eardrops and hot rags...and well PATIENTS, and the very kind lady at Delta for extending our plane tickets a day late for $300 cheaper than she should have, I love you all! Anyway, take a peek.

On our way to our first night out on the town senoritas!

Okay this was CLASSIC! We were at this very cute little restaurant one night and this cute old man came and asked if we would like a song! Well I asked if he knew the piano man. He did! I have never found anything more comical as a mexican version of the piano man. It was to DIE FOR!!!!! that a big foot?

Our fabulous rental car, very large and safe. We would have for sure survived an accident in it.

Ok, so poor wren, I get very hot in the night, so I turn the a/c on full freakin blast. Well I woke up one morning and he was sound asleep like this when I woke up in the morning, all bundled up like so. He's my baby and my little eskimo ;)

We just sat on a hammock on the beach forever one night, it was so great

My baby, he's so amazing!

Whadup baby

We are special.....very special

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip back in time.....

I think it's only right that Wren and I pay tribute and really take the time for a moment of silence to the era that we were born in. The eighties baby ;) After all, we were born then......

MY MAN in 1981, wish he was like this now.....!!!!!

Now we were born in the eighties.....but my parents on the other hand were born in the early 20th century. I'm warning you folks, this could get scary.....THEY MAKE A DISASTROUS DUO

Can you say PIN HEAD MOM? I don't think a picture in history has ever given a name such meaning...

And even more frightening....