Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Gifts!

I have made some fun little hair items this last week, if any of you would like to buy anything for Christmas, just call me, I am selling them for really cheap. Also, we are going to have a little boutique at my old office up in Cottonwood Heights on Saturday, December 4th during the day where I will be selling this stuff, and my friends and cousins will be there selling other fun stuff. Just come stop by to buy or to chat! The address there is 2081 East, 6500 South. Call me if you have any questions! Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We had a blast this year for Halloween! We went to a couple parties, and hung out with family for the holiday. It was a blast.

On Friday night, my friend Chantele, aka Snookie, had a Halloween party at her house. Some of our friends came and we hung out, had a fabulous meal, and watched Sister Wives, and I loved every minute of it! Always have a great time with my sistas.

Wren's stache, so awesome!
Getting ready to leave for Chant's party, doesn't he look stunning? He's a keeper!
Just after arriving.
Angelina, Brad, and their many babies, so funny!
Me and my creeptacular man.
Snooks and, I can't remember his name, but some guy from Jersey Shore, it was hilarious!
The fellas
The ladies! My costume was slowly but surely coming off at this point... the belt, the tights, the shoes, the lipstick, the tail....
On Saturday afternoon, we went up to the Wither's and ate chilly and sat by the fire. It was fun to see Skyman and Lilly in their costumes. Skyler wasn't a big fan of his, which made it even funnier!
Isn't this pumpkin breadbowl a cute idea? Wren's mom always makes such cute things!
Our brother in law Ryan dressed up as this lovely flower to go along with his two bumble bee girls, it was too cute! Isn't this the best idea? I wish I had pictures of the bees, I suppose they were "busy" bees that day ;)
The party we went to on Saturday, Wren's cute friend Maddy from his work put together. She put so much time into everything, and it turned out great! I altered my cat outfit a tad, and Wren ditched the creeper, and dressed up as the kitty's yarn, I have to say, the yarn was even funnier than the creep. He wore my black workout pants that are way tight on me... and on him? Well it was COMICAL!
Maddy is "Wendy", Wren's friend that threw the shower. Sean and Ali too ;)
Wren's work buddies :)
Kitty wants it's YARN!
The cute cookies Maddy had at her partay.
Absolutely LOVED seeing Wren roll around all night in his ensemble! I took MANY shots, don't you worry your pretty selves....
Funniest one, and he is going to kill me!
Wren gives a whole new meaning to the term Bootylicious! I don't think your ready for this jelly....
Maddy's cute decorations, it made me tired just watching all the fun games she planned!
My handsome man, he couldn't keep the "sweatlodge" (what he called the afghan) on any longer.
Our cute friend Ali, GAREASE lightnin!
Love his legs and butt in those pants, and love his man bag too :)
Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween as much as we did!