Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michelle's Birthday!

So I haven't put anything new up for awhile, so I'll add a couple posts of the last couple weeks! Wren and I have both started school this semester and are super busy with that and working full time. Why did I ever stop going to school is what I want to know!? I would have been freakin done! Oh well, ya win some and lose some I suppose. So anyway, last night was Michelle's birthday. We went to Johanna's kitchen with all of our friends and ate in honor of Michelle's birth 22 years ago ;) It was so fun, I just LOVE an excuse to all get together! I took Michy to breakfast yesterday morning, and we went shopping for a bit after. I love you so much Michy and thank you so much for being my best friend! You're always there for me and for that I will be truly indebted to you for a lifetime!

Mich and Markus

Aren't we great? Isn't Dana so tired?

Me and my perfect hubby!!!!

~Lake Powell~

We went to Lake Powell with Wren's family last weekend. It was so much fun, we just relaxed and went boating all day long! It was a great break from work. Wren's family is so sweet and we loved being with them for the weekend! I am so lucky to have married into such a fun family! We love you guys!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Wedding letter from McKinley~

Here is the letter that Wren's brother McKinley sent to us from his mission to be read at the wedding dinner. There was SO much going on that day that I didn't get to pay super close attention to the words, but I just ran across it in Wren's email. It is so sweet and he is such an amazing writer. I think if everyone lived how he writes in this letter, we would be so happy!

The big bash!

There is only one time in my life that I can say that my brother is
getting married. And that is two days from now, the only difference is that it
will have to sound like this “meu irmão vai casar hoje.” That goes for wren
and savannah too, only once will you be able to say today, I am getting
married. I wish I could be there well I am there, I"m that sexy cardboard
thing in the corner, hey ladies! Seriously though, I wish that I could be
there because this is a day marked on the calendars of the dreamers. Ive come to
realize that the world belongs to the dreamers. Not because they always win, not

because they don't have it hard, but because they always have something to
hold onto through it all...a dream. A wedding day only happens once but it's
not like you love each other more on this day, you just realize that you love
each other just as much as you once dreamt when you were kids, not knowing that
th e other existed, wondering, "what will my wedding be like?" Two
lifetimes of distant, faded memories culminate into this one single moment where
a dream is realized. This is it, you are here. However, a wedding is not only a
day where two dreams are realized, but it is a day where new futures, new
dreams, and new lives together are formed. I encourage you both to dream big.
Let yourself slip into that world that is too familiar yet unfamiliar the

world of love. We watch, listen to, and search love, but often times we don’t
live it. Today love is lived. Create something that you can hold onto in those
times when you feel like you have nothing else, a dream that can pull you
through it all. Aside from creating this, live your life always loving and
always dreaming. But for now forget reality, the color of the dresses, who
didn't show up, who gave presents... Only think about the simple things, the
moments together, the frie nds and family present, the love that is expressed.
These are things we spend our lives dancing around and sometimes realize the
importance of. Always remember the beauty that is capable in the life of a
person. Always know that you are capable of creating an empire of perfection.
Live the life of a dreamer and realize what you have been blessed with. Do this
and the world is yours. I love you both and wish you the best! Savannah,
welcome to the wackiest family west of the mississippi! Eeeeaaiiiiii!

I love you family! Peace and love from brazil!

-elder mckinley skylar withers

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our recently updated place of rest

Okay well I'm pretty retarded when it comes to this blog stuff, I don't really know how it all works, so this one post of our apartment turned into about 4 or so, but it was all meant to be one....but whatev. So anyhow, we just painted a couple walls, got a couple sale items and have had some fun! Check it out......;)

So the other day Wren had all his friends come over to play BORING xbox, so I brought it upon myself to go to my favorite store and get new stuff to spice up the bedroom! With the help of some pillows, picture frames, drapes and a couple extras, I transformed our room! Wren was in for quite the surprise when his little nintendo fiasco came to an end. He liked it, I was quite pleased.....and well there it is! We'll see how long it stays this way? ;)

Here is our light blue wall that we just painted. My mom painted this wall and we need only ONE coat...wala! But we love love love this light blue wall! THANKS MOM!

Our fresh bright GREEN wall that we LOOOOOVE..... it is so much better than the dark, why'd you all let me pick such a DARK color? Anyway, this melony color just brightens our day up!

This is my favorite thing of all! My killer steal of a desk. Get this I got it for a whopping $40 muchachas! It looks a little strange in this picture but it is fabulous! The pictures above the desk, me and my little sister Kate made. She is so crafty and has the best ideas! Thanks Katelyn!