Monday, April 25, 2011

Three Year Anniversary :)

Wren surprised me this year for our three year anniversary with a little getaway to St. George. We had so much fun there just relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

I fall in love with Wren more and more everyday. He is who I want to be with all the time. I am so lucky I have the honor of calling him mine. LOVE YOU WREN!

Lots of crap for the road trip....
On Saturday morning we road our bikes on the funnest trail ever. I wish we had trails here like they have in St. George. We had a blast!
Sexy Man
We went to our favorite tapioca smoothie place in St. George.... The Orange Peel. Go next time you're there, you won't regret!
After riding bikes, we got lunch at Pizza Factory and finished our deadly human sized breadsticks in record time ;)
Later that evening we went and took some pictures at sunset. It was so pretty!
We had to self time....
The next day we went through Zion's National Park. It is really quite amazing. We rolled the windows down, blasted the music, and stared at the huge red cliffs. It was so much fun!
After that, we headed home. Nice, fun short trip. Thank you to Wren for planning it and to Michelle for letting us stay in your condo ;)

Rachael's Graduation!

We went down to Provo on Friday for my sister Rachael's graduation. She graduated from BYU with a bachelor's in Graphic Design. I am so proud of her for sticking with it! She also got into the master's architecture program up at the U too! Lots apply but few get in so that was a big accomplishment and I am excited for her to start this new chapter of her life! PLUS she'll finally be up in Salt Lake so I will get to see her a lot more! GO Rachie, LOVE YOU! Look how freakin cute she is.....
Sorry Rache, but you're now officially a trader. BYU fan to U fan.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Case of the Double Ear Infections!

Hi everyone, sadly enough I got an infection last Thursday (from Q-tippin, which is the most painful kind of ear infection as well, so don't do it) and it's the same ear infection that occured on my wedding day, resulting in a belated honeymoon. Three years ago, almost to the day, that unfortunate event plagued what was supposed to be the best day of my life. Fast forward three, and here I am. I was flat down in bed until Sunday thinking, ever single day, maybe... JUST MAYBE, the torture was almost over, NOPE. Sunday I came down with ANOTHER ear infection in my OTHER ear... kill me now. So yesterday (Monday) I had to work because Wren couldn't take anymore time off, bless his soul he worked for me the days he could, but the ear that was first infected was still COMPLETELY clogged (it feels like I am under water) and the other ear was starting to take a turn for the worst... so I decided to go back to the insta-care and see what the freak was going on, these things are supposed to clear up in a couple days, and for my first ear, it had been FIVE! So I went back and the doctor said the antibiotics weren't working, that my ear was worse than it was five days ago, and that yes, my other ear was infected. Someone just stab me, so I had to go get a NEW antibiotic and now I'm trying these bad boys (mind you I have been on oral antibioitics as well which normally you would never have to go on for what I have, but I did because it wasn't clearing up, and now here I am, with two infected ears, oral and ear drop antibiotics wanting to kill someone). Now I have to sleep on my back because it hurts to bad to sleep on my either ear. Stupid.
Anyway, in the midst of this horrible event, there are SEVEN positives to this (seven is my lucky number too ;))

ONE: I can't hear Wren's annoying video games while I'm resting because I can't hear anything at all (the sound of bombs and shooting with be the death of me if this ear ache isn't) which also means I can't hear the toilet flush, the ice machine, or the vacuum (all noises that scare me)

TWO: That it didn't happen while we were in St. George this weekend for our anniversiary, if ear infections ruin this trip as they did my honeymoon..... I would be pretty darn mad.

THREE: That pain pills, although they make it so you can't go to the bathroom (which is almost as bad as the ear ache itself... JK, not really anything compares to the feeling of a screw driver twisting in your ear) but anyway, that pain killers are a saving grace. Wren keeps reminding me of the pinoneers.... I can't even begin to imagine what that was like. I'm a baby.

FOUR: That right before the beast of an earache hit I got eyelashe extensions so I didn't look completely orphan while laying in bed for five days straight

FIVE: I get so extremely happy that I have the husband I do. He has been so great to warm up my heating thing for my ears (let's just say it needs a good washing by this point, it probably would spread an infection to anyone who touched it, we'll keep that a dirty family secret though... shhhh), get my medicine, work for me, run to the store, give me a blessing, anything I asked he has done. He is so kind and I love him so much!

SIX: I have been praying for an intervention for my Q-tip problem. It really is my drug of choice. Wren hates it when I do it, so I will literally sneak into the bathroom and Q-tip until he finds me. It's the best feeling at the time, but like any drug, I need my next fix, because my ears start itching again a couple hours later. It's a toxic relationship, and one that keeps going and going, it's a never ending cycle. I keep trying t0 remember the person who was like, "Ew, you never Q-tip?" Because that night I went home and tried it and fell head over heels, deeply in love, which has resulted in this madness. I call the last week my Q-tip Rehab, because I literally couldn't use them, so hopefully by the end, I will be completely weened off of them....

AND SEVEN: I have ALWAYS wanted to start a blog devoted to fun stuff like decor, fashion, shopping, killer deals, anything fun like that, so while I have been in Q-Tip rehab I have had ALL the time in the world to start it. My sissy Rache is doing it with me as well. Anyway I think I would love this blog if we weren't the ones doing it..... ha ha, so I think you will to. The address is (we're still working on it too, so it's not the final product by any means, but it will be fab when it's done, my sister is a graphic designer so she's got mad skills ;) But we would LOOOOOOVE for anyone and everyone to check it out and become a follower! It would mean the WORLD to us! We also started a Facebook page: that we would also love for you to find and "like" us there too. We are super excited about it!

Well thanks for letting me complain about the ear aches from hell, wish me luck they leave before Friday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Times!

Nothin's better than havin the girls over, kickin our shoes off, and stuffing our faces with chocolate fudge cake....
Thanks for some much needed girl time sisters!