Saturday, March 21, 2009

This past month.....

Okay, so I haven't posted for a long time, so I am going to write a couple of different things that have been happening lately, get geared up, it's going to be long! The first of topics to address, last night Wren and I went to Gateway and met up with a couple of his friends and their dates. We went to dinner and to a laser show. Both of their dates were way cool chicks. It was a lot of fun, even though I didn't feel that great. Here's a couple pics of us waiting by the fountains for them to get there....

Then, on the 18th of March it was my daddy's birthday. I decided to make cupcakes to bring over to my parents house. This was NOT an easy task. But of course it wasn't, it involves BREAD type substances, my arch nemesis! (see previous posts) I looked on the internet to find a cupcake recipe. All of them called for cake flower. Is cake flour different then real flour? Anyway, I decided to use this one recipe that I had all the ingredients for except for the cake flour. I decided, what the heck? I'll just use normal flour. So I start mixing everything together and I get this bright idea to put a pudding mix in because it was banana flavored pudding, and by darn I wanted banana flavored cupcakes! BIG MISTAKE! At the end of the cooktime for my dear cupcakes, I opened the oven and to my horror, they literally were like pudding cakes! DANGIT! I don't know if not having cake flour contributed to this disaster or not either. Either way we were supposed to be to my parents like fifteen mintutes later, but I so desperately wanted to show up bearing gifts, and plus I had already made the frosting, which by the way I have to admit was to die for. So I found a different recipe finally that just called for NORMAL freaking flour, and it worked maginificently! So here is a picture of my dad blowing out the candles stuck into this day long event. I love my dad so much, he is amazing! We also bought him the shirt he is wearing, thanks for the help Mich. Happy birthday DAD!

Next on the list, my cute guy went skiing last week. He absolutely loves skiing, it's his favorite past time (besides his wife of course ;) Too bad I don't particuarly like to ski huh?) It was the day after "the last big storm of the season" so he just had to go. I basically am a nervous freaking wreck all the time, so I was paranoid for him to go skiing by himself. I didn't want an avalanche to burry him alive. I was nervouse the whole day. He finally calls me on his way down the canyon and tells me he had an accident. He should have listened to his intuitive wife now shouldn't he of? Yes he should have. So I guess this is what happened. He was skiing down a pretty steep hill and his ski hit a rock, his ski then flipped off, he lost his balance, and apparantlty he rolled down a narrow steep shoot (what's this folks?) When he finally stopped rolling, he went head first into a big tree. Okay, now people die from crap like this happening all the time. It seems like that is always how skiers die is from slamming into trees. He is a lucky boy. So anyway, he hit his head and lip on this tree. Lucky for his head he was wearing a helmet. Unfortunately his lip was not so lucky. Take a peeksie at the damage.......

And last but definitley not least, we went up to Millcreek Canyon a couple Sundays ago because the weather was so incredible. We decided to take some pictures, clearly we think we are photographers. It was so much fun though. It was great to finally be outside and get some fresh air! Dang it's been a long winter huh? Anyway, time spent with Wren is time well spent. I could laugh all day at his peculiar self.

My sexy, buff man.

We decided to try and "fake" jump over the bridge, Wren's is pretty dang good I do have to admit.

Of course I looked like a freak trying to do this....

And then he ACTUALLY jumped! I was laughing SO HARD! He's my BRAVE MAN and he proved it that day.

Pilates on the bridge, ever heard of it?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My MOM'S Birthday Bash!

Okay so last night was my mom's birthday. 29 years old is a big age! Wow! My mom loves to brag about how she's only turning 29, and well, she doesn't look much older, so I suppose we'll just stick with this. Anyway, my family, both Grandmas and my Grandpa all came up for dinner last night to celebrate. It was so much fun having everyone over, cause after all I am the hostess with the mostess? What? Why do people say this? But it was good just to chat and have some good laughs. I love my mom so much and she is the most talented person you will ever meet. She is an amazing photographer (if anyone ever needs pictures I'll give you her digits) and is good at just about everything! I am so lucky to have her for my mom! Thanks for everything you do mom, I love you! But I mean, after all, who wouldn't want a mom that's only 29 years old?
My Dad and his cute Mom also know as my Grandmother.

My Grandma, she's tried, and Birthday Mom, Kate and my wonderful husband Wren!!!

My brother and My Grandpa. My Grandpa is sad because my Grandma kept saying my brother is almost taller then him. Sorry Grandpappy, I think you're taller.

My Dad is still only 5 years old apparently.

Aren't boys great???

But aren't girls even greater? My 29 year old mom, two fantastic sisters, and two wise old grandmas. It doesn't get any better then us my friends.

Or us.....

I love my grandparents, they're the best.

There's the 29 year old excited to blow out her candles..... what's her wish? That she'll never reach thirty hello duh!