Thursday, July 9, 2009

A long time coming......

I haven't posted anything for awhile just because we have been so busy this summer.  I am taking a math class and a statistic class at the U this summer and I never new what hell on earth was like until now.  The math class I am is the math class I need to get my degree and you are either supposed to have such and such score on your ACT or SAT (what is the difference between these two?) Anyway, I never took either of those and so if you don't have a score for those tests, then you are supposed to take a pre-requisite test to figure out what math to place into.  Since I didn't even remember how to long divide, that pre req test freakin me out. Technically, I could have placed as low as FOUR, yes count it, FOUR classes lower than the one I needed.  Well for some odd reason, I think because I was a transfer student, the system let me register for the one that I needed.  Don't get me wrong, I was THRILLED to death about it, but now I'm not too thrilled considering I haven't taken a freakin math class since my sophomore year of high school.  Thankfully, I have understood most of what has been taught in the class, but not without workin my butt off.  Wren is getting ready for a fitness competition in September.  He started his VERY strict diet last week to get him very cut and lean for it.  I do have to say I have a VERY sexy husband.  Do I say the word VERY too much? Yes indeed.  Now since he can only really eat chicken, brown rice, almonds, and loads of egg whites, what's this girl to eat?  And this last till SEPTEMBER!  Well all I have really been living on is yogurt and blackberries.  Like seriously, I have gone a couple days where I ate it for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.  Is that bad?  I also have to say, I have the most patient, nice hubby in the world.  A couple days ago, I was playing around on the website called  Well long story short, I booked a hotel room in san diego.  We do have buddy passes that we were planning on using this month, but I hadn't really totally cleared it up with Wren what weekend we were going to go.  Well after my BID of $50 a night for a 3 1/2 star resort was accepted for the Del Mar area.  I was kind shattin my pants a bit because I wasn't totally sure Wren wanted to go for that weekend.  Well turns out he could not go, my sweet Wren probably spent 4 to 5 hours on hold and talking with to either cancel or switch hotels to a different weekend.  They just kept telling us NO CANCEL, NO CHANGE, in their India accents.  Why the FREAK did I buy travelers insurance?  Just for the heck of it?  SCAMS!  FINALLY, after begging and beggin they were able to switch it to next weekend.  Thanks for putting up with my crap baby, I know that was super annoying and stressful, but it will be worth it come this next weekend.  Sorry, this is a super long post.  The pictures posted below are of the last couple weeks.  First, it was Sara and Devin's wedding.  It was SO pretty.  I was one of her bridesmaids and it was such a perfect wedding.  Last weekend, Wren and I went and stayed up in Midway over the 4th.  We had SO much fun.  We went on a 15 mile bike ride to the lake.  I seriously love riding my bike, I vow I will start to do it more.  We just chill axed the whole time.  We watched the fireworks up there which were absolutely amazing.  We parked at the bottom of the hill where they shot them off.  I have never been that close to where they do that.  It was SO neat.  I had to close my eyes a couple times though cause it was kind of scary in a way.  We set out blankets on the top of our car and laid on the hood.  The hood was super warm from driving, and we all know how much I love warm things.  It was the perfect night.  That was the weekend of Asian Salads and BBQ pizza.  Every restaurant we went to, we got them.  Asian salads are to die for.  Why have I never tried one until now?  Okay, LAST but not least.  Have any of you been watching the Bachelor?  Okay I have to say that I LOVE Kiptyn, WHY?  Because he reminds me SO much of Wren!  They have such similar personalities.  Granted, Kiptyn seems calm about 100% of the time, whereas Wren's personality is calm, but he can get PRETTY hyper.  The other day he was in the shower, I kid you not singing in every voice, pitch, tune as possible for like 20 minutes.  So I brought the video camera in (I did not record him sickos) I just put the camera in the cupboard so he didn't know it was recording his beautiful songs, and I seriously was on the floor dying of laughter.  As soon as I can figure out how to post it I will.  You will all die!  Okay, Wes is so weird, he can go make out with his girlfriend Laurel.  Reid can't just tell Jill if he likes her or not, it is so weird.  Who am I, "Our relationship is progressing, my feelings are heightening,...... DING DING DING REID!  Why does he say it like it is a history report?  And last but not least, Mr. Ed.  He can not make eye contact with Jillian to SAVE his life.  I can't even handle watching their conversations because I find myself trying to move his eyes with my eyes up to her eyes.  If that makes sense...?  And have any of you watched the Newlywed show that is on after the Bachelor?  Okay, not to sound self centered or anything, but I KNOW me and Wren could woop down ANY one of those couples.  End of story.      

HAAAYYYY.... HOME OWNERS BABY!  JK, (I wish) We were looking out at daybreak with Courtney (they might buy one) at the new lofts they are building.  They were SO cute.  I know for sure that I am a loft type girl.  One day we will have one.

Sittin on the car watching the fireworks.  Wren's my special friend.

Daaaaang...... who dat?

Okay, Mandy, I already will say it, I'm psycho that I posted a picture of your baby and myself on blog, but I am HEAD OVER HEELS in LOVE with him!  Look how perfect this little boy is?!!!! Anytime you guys need a babysitter, pretty PLEASE call me.  

Look what a fantastic couple that it down there.  

Wren and myself.

The groom and Wren at their wedding dinner.

Sara's bridesmaids.  We make pretty neat one's huh?