Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bear Lake 2009

Every year my cousins, aunts, and uncles all go up to my cousin's cabin in Bear Lake. It is the best. We boat all day long, eat, spend time together, and just relax. It was fun because we had three boats up there this year so everyone got to do whatever they wanted to do the whole time and we could all spread out on the boats. We got lot's of rasberry shakes which were amazing. We also had the best view of the meteor shower on Wednesday night that you could get. We blew up our air mattress and we crammed like 6 people on it and watched the shooting stars, it was so fun. Everyone else had to sit on the ground, sorry people. It was so much fun to watch the shooting stars and talk with all of our family. My dad one morning made scones that were to die for, we had many other great meals while we were up there.... including Le Beaus fries and hamburgers. Okay I am addicted to the fries there, I am STILL thinking about them right now. But we laughed the whole trip! We have had so many fun memories of Bear Lake and this trip almost topped them all! Thanks FAMILY!!!!

Our first boat ride of the trip.....

All of the girls love the front of the boat because it is the BEST for laying out, although
we did cram ourselves so it was probably the WORST for laying out ;)

The guys thought they were so neat the whole time helping with the boat.....

The cutest little angel in the WHOLE world! Isn't he a DOLL???

This was the funniest thing ever, my dad was going so fast on the boat that I kept falling into my little sister and she couldn't breathe from my hair, we were laughing SO HARD!

You had to be there to get the full effect of how funny this was!

Getting ready to relax and have dinner after a long day...

We were so laaazzzzyyyy that night.

My dad is so nice, he worked so hard the whole trip and drove the his boat 24/7.

Rachael's novel idea to get up at eight when the water was perfect to ski, not such a bright idea, we were FREEZING and the water was choppy.
I love your fantastic ideas Rache!

Me and my man!

On our way to the hot pots, these were so cool, they were natural filled hot pots but in a man made tank, best idea ever because they weren't all filled with dirt.

The hotpots were right dab smack in the middle of a camping ground. It looked miserable to be camping in old motorhomes in the deserted hot deserty place. I don't even want to know how many happy campers used these hot pots for their daily baths to wash their
dirty bottoms. ;(

This was HILARIOUS! Nate and Wren were havin their dance off to Beyonce's "If you liked it then you should of put a ring on it" We have a video but this blog thing won't let me put it on?

This was SO fun. We turned the music on super loud and just read magazines and talked while Nate and Wren wake boarded, so much FUN!

My tan Daddy...

On our way to the hot pots again so Janessa and Ben could see them.

Me and my Daddy

Seriously the funniest thing ever! So the ride back from the hot pots was extremely choppy, it looked like we were in the ocean, and we got slammed every single time my dad hit a bump, it was so funny and the ride was like an hour long. We called my
dad captain Dan from forest gump it was hilarious!