Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This last weekend we went up to Midway to stay with Sara and Devin at their condo in Zermatt. It was so nice up there and we had so much fun! The whole weekend consisted of eating, laughing, and relaxing. It was a much needed vacay and it couldn't have been more fun with anybody else! Thanks for inviting us guys!

Right as we got there we went to dinner up at the Homestead and sat by the ducks at Devin's request, he loves ducks a ton. Our dinner was fantastic, and it was so nice to sit outside in the nice weather
Then we went and played frisbee, I won frisbee golf too, no biggie though

Wren and Devin showing their mad frisbee skills
Sara is so gangster.....And Devin is too cool for school, he's practicing his catwalk
Look at that face, she means biiiznaaass! She got her game face on
After, we went out to the best ice cream shop, Wren and I got coconut ice cream with a large hot magic bar (perfection really) and Dara and Sevin got Pistachio ice cream that was equally delish!
Wren's favorite thing, magic bars....
The next morning, we went to breakfast.....
Getting ready to chow down breakfast and get our natural morphine drip.....
Our very divinely divine breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and hash browns, life doesn't get more delicious than this!
After we went and caught some rays while our breakfast settled, pretty gross actually.....
Dara and Sevin, or Sevin and Eight......Which ever you would prefer to call these fine kids....
My dirty jubilee
I don't do hot tub, so Sara and I made our own CLEAN one!
The trip wore Devin out, Sara and I snuck in and snapped some black male pictures..... We are going to show these pictures to your new leads Devin!
Leaving Zermatt.... So sad