Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ty leaves, Bear Lake, Willow's Birthday, Grandma Jeanie, Moving

A lot has happened lately, my brother left for Barcelona Spain on his mission last week, I graduated, we went to Bear Lake, I got a new job, and we are moving this week. It's so crazy how life can completely change so fast. It was really sad saying good bye to Ty, but I know he will grow so much and help so many people. It was fun hanging out with him the week before we left. We took one last family picture of all of us together the night before he left. He got set apart, and then we went downtown, he said goodbye to my grandparents, and then we went to the PIE and ate pizza, one last family dinner before he left. It was so much fun and I am so thankful to have the best family in the world! He left a week ago from today and we got our first letter from him yesterday, he said he loves it in the MTC so we are all very relieved he's happy there. We will miss you Ty!

We also went on our annual Bear Lake trip with my family, Heidi and Dave's fam, and Katie and Nate's fam. We say this every year, but it was the best Bear Lake trip yet. Lot's of boating, catching rays, lot's of shakes, relaxing, and just talking in the cabin. We loved it. It was very sad though, the last day that we were there we got a phone call from Wren's mom saying that his grandma had passed away. It was so unexpected and we were really upset. Wren's grandma was the sweetest lady you'll ever meet. Her husband, and Wren's grandpa, passed away a couple of years ago and Wren's grandma missed him so much. So we are happy that they are finally reunited and will be together forever now. She will be greatly missed. The service at her funeral was perfect, everyone's talks were so sweet. Another amazing thing too, she had this suit case that she told Wren's mom not to open until after she had passed away, so Wren's mom opened it and there were letters in there to every grandchild from every year of their life. How amazing is that?????!!! When I read Wren's I just cry because there are letters in there to him from when he was a baby. They are our treasures. We will miss you so much grandma Jeanie!

I got offered a job from a great guy in our ward managing some brand new storage units out by DayBreak in South Jordan. It is such a wonderful opportunity and one we would be crazy to pass up. They built a new apartment over the office that is incredible, so I didn't think it was possible, but my home just got even CLOSER to my job than it is now! We can't wait to start there next week. We are also moving this week and it is so stressful. As excited as I am for this new opportunity, I am heart broken to leave my job now. I work at an apartment complex and live on site here. So my job is here, my home is here, and my ward is here. I am leaving everything I know, and school just ended too which was bittersweet, so it will be weird having a completely different schedule, home, and job. I have become so close with everyone here in the complex. They are just like my family. I know so much about every person here, working here really doesn't feel like work when I just get to hang out and chat with everyone all day. This was the perfect job for us as Newlyweds and it got me through school. I know the job I have now fell into place for me at just the right time, and I feel like our new job as fallen into place at just the right time too. I know that Heavenly Father is watching out for us right now and I really feel like I am being looked out for. So wish us luck this week, and if anyone needs a nice storage unit, you know who to call!

Our last family picture with Ty before he left...
This was the day of Ty's BBQ after his farewell at our house. My dad was at an all time high, serving food, refilling drinks, wearing his chef hat, he had a skip to his step to say the least.
The night before Ty left on his mission and he was set apart

Ty and Rache
Ty and I
Ty and Kate
Ty and Big ol' Al
My dad and Ty
My family
Oh us crazy kids, we're just growing up so fast!
My dad got some stringy cheese
Last picture of us four kids :(
My dad was sad Ty was leaving
Sad, leaving us for two years!
We had a birthday party for cute Willow, look how cute little Skyler is!?
First day at Bear Lake getting ready to go on a walk
My daddy helping Rachie untie her pantaloons
Most relaxing walk ever, the lighting was perfect and the weather was perfect!
With the girls on the beach
Me and my buff hubby
My not so Caucasian father
Ty wakeboarding
Big ol' Al sat his bumb down while he was surfing, pretty funny!
Wren made it possible for me to not have to walk to the boat once! Love him, and hate that chilly water!
Wren and my paps
Big ol' Al and his cute girlfriend Tory
Ty and his cute girlfriend Rache
This pictures illustrates why I didn't take my hat off the whole trip, and why I should have MADE time to get my hair braided. Frightening.
Peace to the middle east baby
Our last boat ride of the trip, so sad!
Sistas, and my favorite spot to catch rays on the boat!
Wren's getting grand at wake boarding
Our last day and saying goodbye to everyone!
Oh and by the way, our new place has washer and dryer included so we are selling our washer and dryer that we only bought two years ago. They work perfect and we are sad to have to sell them, let me know if anyone is interested! There is a picture below of them......