Monday, October 20, 2008


So it was my 23rd birthday yesterday. I can't even believe that I am 23 cause I sure don't feel like it. Anyway, I had such a fun weekend! Wren planned a birthday party for me on Friday and invited my friends. He barbecued tons of chicken and steak. It was SO good. My husband makes a mean steak I'll tell you what ;) We just talked and ate the whole night, it was so much fun! My friends are the best, they gave me the nicest gifts. It's crazy, they know me so well. Wren was so sweet to organize the whole thing. Bless his heart he wanted it to be a surprise but he needed a little help. He is the best! On Saturday Wren took me shopping. We seriously shopped all day long which neither of us ever like to do, but what the heck it was my birthday! I was so worn out that I came home and slept for a couple hours. Wren woke me up with a cute lunch he made me. On Sunday, which was my actual birthday, we went to lunch with my mom and dad and cute little sister at the funnest place downtown called eggs in the city. It was quite a long wait, but it was super fun because we sat outside and talked and the weather was to die for! I LOVE THE FALL! Any way I had a fantastic birthday! I love you everyone!

Partying hard baby!

Bad Picture, it was so bright!

My mom and little sister and I waiting to eat

At lunch with my Dad, Mom and Kate

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our night out on the town~

So this last month the owner of our company for some odd reason decided to nominate me for assistant manager of the year. He was very sweet to do this. I had no idea that he had nominated me though and recieved this letter to my work that said "Savannah Withers has an appointment with the Apartment Association on..." Blah Blah Blah, but my appointment was only a couple days later. I was so confused what I had an appointment for. So anyway, I show up on the day that it is scheduled and check in at the front desk. They lead me into this room and to my horror there are, I'm not joking, like a panel of 5 people lined up at this long desk. I was so confused, and had NO IDEA what to expect. Well turns out, it was exactly like a job interview. They asked me why I should win, what are my greatest qualties....gag me now, and it was even WORSE than a job interview because there were FIVE people staring at me. Finally, when it was over I ran out of the room I'm sure beat red. Well turns out, some how I was one out of 5 nominees chosen. So Wren and I got the chance to go to this amazing dinner up at Park City at the Grand Summit Lodge and hear who won for all the different categories. Every other company had tables and tables of people there and our company (Pentalon) had FOUR people total. So I'm starting to get freaked out when everybody's name is getting called and there are hoards of people cheering for them. All I had was Wren and my two favorite people from one of our other properties, so I'm whsipering to them, "You guys have to cheer for me! It will be totally embarrassing when they read my name and it is dead silent!" Well Carmen and Alicia barely clapped (thanks for you help guys!)when my name was read, and Wren was cheering my name, but it basically sounded dead silent when my name was read. It was so funny! Well sadly enough I didn't win, I lost to a girl names Stephanie. Dang Stephanie! But it was a great night none the less! Here are some pictures......