Friday, September 25, 2009

Dang I'm having one of those days where I am so sick of school and work. Why is it that everyone feels it's so important to go to school, get a great job when you're done with school, yet through both stages, you'll never spend as much time with your family as you feel you could or should? Us Americans have a jacked lifestyle if you ask me, inlcuding myself. I think we all need to relax a bit and enjoy the present, again myself included. And who came up with the eight hours work day? Whoever did ought to be shot. Okay now that I have that out, I'm just going to ramble to avoid doing my homework! I want to congratulate Jennie on finding out she's having a baby boy and Chanty on getting her new house which I so desperatley want to see! I've been a bad friend, but it's just cause again, I'm TOO FREAKING BUSY! I think we should plan a big Halloween party? Anyone in? I redecorated my apartment again, and this time I feel I really nailed it (at least for the time being anyway) I haven't been real happy with certain things in my apartment until now. Thanks to my amazing hubby, and a busy last weekend, we transformed the place! I'll take pictures and post them soon. I want to find two really cute lamp shades like this one. I painted two of my lamp bases that my grandma had given me and now need to find shades. Anyone know of any cute lamp shade stores here in Salt Lake?

I kind of want to dye my hair dark for fall but can't decide. Whenever I have highlights I want it dark and whenever it's dark I want highlights! What's a girl to do? Any ideas?

Does anyone have any good hearty fall recipes? I need some, particularly bread or roll ones, preferably ones without yeast, I hate that darn yeast, it never seems to want to rise. Why? To make this girl sad. Never fails, and after the big mess and time on your feet, it makes me want to cry! I just want to be a good wife dangit!

Okay lately I have really wanted to find some cute rings, a pinky ring really, I have always wanted one but have never gotten one. It's not like they're hard to find or anything, but I've just never gotten one. I think this one is so cute!

My friend Sara has one like this that I love and I love you too Sara, you and your peeling bookshelf! Ha ha. Bye!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I haven't written for awhile, I have been so busy with this new semester! Not too much has happened. Just some random stuff. Wren started a new job with my friends husband. He is an office man now. It's pretty funny! I love it though because we can wake up together and eat breakfast together, Wren makes me breakfast every morning, he's so sweet. My new classes are a lot of fun. It's good to finally be taking the classes that I want to be taking. Who made up that we have to do general ed again? LAME! We are just so happy that a new season of ......"so YA think YA can dance" is on! We look forward to it all week! I'm just going to post some pictures from this last month. Have a happy end of summer everyone!

So I finally got my new favorite thing! You know the snuggies that are always on those infomercials? The ones that everyone make fun of with no mercy? Well Wren makes fun of them with no mercy but I aint got no shame cause my mama picked me up one of them at Ross and I am ABSOLUTETLY in LOVE! Okay fist off, I'm in love cause, AS ADVERTISED, I can sit and do my homeowork WITH my arms in the blanket! VOILA! Amazing! AND, it's LEOPARD which I love! And last but not least, THAT IT MATCHES MY BELOVED WUGGLE!!!!!!! I have my leopard snuggy and my leopard wuggle and that is all I need! Wren hates BOTH so bad, but I don't really give a crap!!!!! PS I don't know why I can't get the picture to freakin rotate but you get the picture right????? THANKS MOM!

Both of Wren's older sisters had their first babies right around the same time this year. They are both so precious. We have Skyler and Lilly, and I could just eat them both up! We can't wait to have a baby of our own. We need to wait though until I can be able to sit at home all day and stare at my baby. I know I won't get a thing done! Wren always asks..... "Sav, when can we just have a baby? That's all I want!" I know Wren will make the best dad in the whole world! He will be so much like my own dad which is the one thing I have always wanted my whole life for my kids! Go Wren! Babies are my all time favorite thing in the whole world, from their fat little cankles, to there huge smiles. I love them so much and am so happy Allysum and Willow can share the wealth with us and feed my baby hunger! Look how cute they are!.....

Our cute baby niece Lilly!

Skyman and myself!

Lil again

Look at that little dimple..... I could just eat him up!

Wren got a new mountain bike that is his all time favorite thing... next to me of course ;) But it's all I hear about all the dang long day. It's so cute he's so in to it.

So.....we went on a sunset mountain bike ride. The sky was gorgeous and you can bet your bottom that I was a huffin and puffin the whole way up!

Look what the helmet did to Wren's hair! I was in love!

We went to the apline slide with Ben and Janessa. It was so fun! We went to a fantastic mexican restaurant where I got flautas that were to die for. We went to the chocolate factory after and got carmeled apples, mine was something pie flavored.... DELUCTIBLE! Wren and I hadn't had a date night like that with that much fun stuff packed in for awhile!