Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Time

I haven't posted anything new in forever, but MUCH has happened! First, it was my cutest little cousin McKenna's baptism. She is perfect and I can't believe that she is already 8!? Time flies. She gave the cutest little "toast" to everyone and she is wise beyond her years. I love her.

Then one of Wren's best friends Phil and his cute wife Ally came into town and we all went bowling. After we went to Village Inn with Matt and Brittney, and Brittney slapped her pancake on Matt's face, not really but she almost did and Britt and I almost died of a heart attack laughing. So FUNNY!

It was Wren and my anniversary on the 23rd, yesterday, and he sent me flowers (SO PRETTY AND I LOVE THE VASE) and had a surprise planned but because of the weather, we had to post pone it. It was also my brothers birthday so we went with my family to Stoneground Pizza downtown and ate. It was tons of fun being with my family and eating delicious pizza. I love my Wren, he is perfect and I am so lucky to have him for my husband. He is really the best ever! AND, I just finished my last paper for school yesterday and only have two more tests to study for and I am in the HOME STRETCH and couldn't be happier! I hope that everyone has been having a good spring!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So I haven't updated in forever. We haven't been up to too much lately. The biggest news is my little brother got his mission call to go to...... Barcelona, Spain! Can you believe that? We are all so excited! He leaves August 18, so he still has a little bit. But the grand news is he will fit in perfectly! He looks just like a Spaniard, my mom calls him her fudgecicle. She's worried he will melt into a chocolate puddle in Spain. We are so excited and want to pick him up in two years. I will get to Spain one day and here is my chance! But he will do great and I am so happy for him! That same night, my little sister Rache had a dance thing down in Provo, so we went down there to watch her. She did great and it was so fun, her costume was so cute too! Last week I went to dinner with my friends to celebrate Katie's engagement. It was so much fun, sometimes the only therapy I need to girl chat. Love them. Hope everyone is doing great!