Monday, May 24, 2010

Wren's Birthday

On the 16th of May it was Wren's birthday. I wanted to do something special for him, and have it be a surprise too. I told our friends to meet at Bonsai 15 minutes before we showed up. When Wren and I walked in, they were already seated, it was perfect! Wren was completely taken off guard, and I was pleased to say the least. It was so much fun, the laughing never stops with all of them. Thank you to all of them for being there! The next day, Wren's parents invited my family up to their new house for a big birthday dinner for Wren. It is so fun to be able to get both of our families together. We love our families so much and always say how lucky we are to have such cool families. Hollie made a perfect meal as always. We ate, chatted, and watched Wren open up his gifts. It was the perfect day. Wren is loved by everyone who meets him. I tell his mom I am so thankful she raised my perfect Wren for me. I think everyday how amazing he makes my life. I can't wait to live forever with him and have his babies and vacation with him and live happily ever after with him. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I am the luckiest girl ever to have him! Love you baby!
At dinner with our greatest friends!
Brit, Stacy, Matt and his boyfriend Robbie ;)
Sara and Devin, and off to the side, and always annoyingly dodging EVERY picture EVER, is Mark and Michelle
Robbie is our special friend...... Matt's thumb got stuck straight, pretty hysterical, we were all a little confused!
Opening up his gift on his birthday morning, he was so excited!
He was shakin to see what I got him, naughty....
My sweetie's new kicks, I will ALWAYS be able to find him :)
My brother Ty, Wren's cute mom with cute Lilly
Will and Wren
My million dollar daddy!
Willow with our Mr. Perfect
Pretty Rache
My guy with Lil
Wren with Allyssum, Ryan, and Lilly
What can I say? The Withers boys are TRUE ladies men.....
Kinley giving Wren a very sexy picture of himself, Photo Taken By McKinley Withers
Eden and my dad
A really bad picture of my family
Wren and his cute parents
Lovin on my birthday man
Kinley and Jennica

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Graduation, Mother's Day, and Lilly's Party

So I walked at my graduation last week. I have a couple more classes to finish up this summer, but am pretty much finished! I am quite pleased to almost be done, below are some pictures of this crazy, fun, and long day. My family came, my cute grandparents came, and Wren's family came. They were all so sweet to come, it was really long, so it meant a lot to me that they took time to come and sit, and sit, and sit! After, we went to training table for lunch with both of our families. It's fun to get both of them together and chat. I'm happy my cute grandparents were able to come as well. They never miss a single thing for their kids and grand kids, I don't know how they do it! I can't wait till August 4th, when I am officially finished!

My amazing friend Sara put together a little get together for me the night before graduation. She is so sweet and the best friend anyone could ask for. She always makes a big deal out of things that usually only your parents would make a big deal out of. It's so nice to have such an awesome friend that can share the excitements I have in life! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH S BOB!

The CUTEST cake Sara brought... And it was DELISH
My very naughty banana, wafer pudding, about the best and most UNhealthy desert there is!
CHEEEEEESY picture, but none the less, HILARIOUS!
The beginning of a very long ceremony.....
My perfect Wren, I would never have finished school without him!
My parents, I couldn't have gone to school without them either!
I was pretty bored at this point in the day...
Our families eatin some good old healthy Training Table! Wren got mad at me that I chose Training Table because it is so unhealthy, but what can I say? After six hours of sitting, I was in dire need of some greeezy cheese fries!
We also went to Lilly's birthday party. She's our gorgeous little niece, she turned 1! The party was a blast, Allyssum, birthday girl's mom, made the cutest cupcake cake and the decorations were adorable.

Pretty little Lilly...
Skyman loved the Lilly's bubbles
Wren and I with cute little birthday girl Lilly ;)
My other mother ;)
Wren's cute dad McKell documenting the partay
Kinley, Eden, and Miss Jennica
Mother's Day was so fun this year. We had a busy day rushing from grandma's to mom's houses but we enjoyed the whole day! We love our grandmas and moms so much, you guys are the best, thanks for all you do!

Carter, Hollie, Willow and MR DELISH HIMSELF!
My hottie.....
Our cute little lover, can you even believe that perfect dimple? I could KISS it ALL day!
Wren's mom Hollie, Wren, and myself
Wren and I with his cute Grannie, she's so sweet!
My cute grandma opening the present I gave her, she's so cute! I was quite pleased that the leopard tissue paper I wrapped it in matched her shirt. Yep, I planned that......
My sissies and I at my Grandma's house on mother's day, HORRIBLE ANGLE, but what can you do?
Also, does anyone know of a good face lotion that makes it so my face doesn't peel, but also so my face doesn't look like I just stepped out of a sauna (Proof is in the puddin, look at the pics...) My face has been so shiny lately, I have never met anyone that has super dry yet super oily skin all in one. If anyone knows of a good lotion for both I would kiss the ground you walk on, cause I have looked and looked and can't find one?......