Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today I just want to say how much I love my Dad!!! He is the nicest, funnest, easiest person to talk to you'll ever meet in your life. He does not judge and he is ALWAYS down for a good time. My whole childhood consisted of playing with my Dad. He has friends eveywhere he goes because he is so friendly and is truly the most giving person I have ever met. I went with him to Costco this morning just to hang out with him while he grocery shopped, I did not want or expect him to do this but he INSISTED on buying us groceries, and he knows everything I love and bought it for me and then made me take them. How nice is that? I have the nicest Dad in the whole entire world and it is the most amazing feeling in the whole world to know if I ever needed anything, he would be there in a second and bend over backwards for me. He has always been this for me and I know he always will. How did I get so lucky? Well now that I'm crying.... I just wanted to say this! I LOVE YOU DAD!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay so I am way frusterated! Every single time, and this is no exageration, EVERY time I attempt to make rolls, bread, cinnamon rolls, you name it, it does not work, they turn into dense dense and more dense lumps of who knows what!? Basically anything with yeast, flour, and active wheat gluten gives this girl hell. For one, they don't rise. Two, they are hard on the outside, and doughy in the middle. And worst of all, they are like friggin bolwing balls. They are SO dense. Wren kept calling the cinnamon rolls I made last night cinnamon chips sad huh? And for anyone who has or does make anything likes this knows it is a terribly long, dirty dishes/pans, flour everywhere, day long procedure so when it doesn't turn out it's a real pain in my you know what.... Will anyone help poor me? Any recipes? Advice? What the freaking heck people?

Monday, February 16, 2009

ValenTIMES day baby!

Okay so Valentines day was SIMPLY perfect this year, thanks to my amazing baby! He is so sweet, I can't even begin to describe what an amazing man he is! He really is everything to me in the entire world, and I honestly don't ever know what I would do without him, or how I landed him for that matter. Anyone who knows Wren, knows him to be the most genuinely nice person they'll ever come across. I wish I could say that much for myself, maybe one day?!! He is so funny, constantly singing and making crazy voices and noises, there truly never is a dull moment with him. He never gets mad and is kind to everyone. And he lives to see me happy. I love him so much. He surprised me this Valentines Day with a sweet card saying to go shopping and and pick out a cute outfit, and then be home by six. That I did. When I got home he had made chicken pot pies from scratch.... so cute! I didn't even know you could make those from scratch? What the? Anyway, they were to die for! Later we went and saw "he's just not that into you". It was so funny. We had such a fun night. I love hanging out with my husband more then anything else in the world. I thought in light of V-day I would share our love story of how we met almost eight years ago. Here goes..... Okay so I thank my lucky stars for the day I met Wren in Mr. Packers honors history class. (Yes, you heard right, HONORS baby. The one and only honors class I ever took) Me and my friend Victoria panicked when we heard it was honors that first day. She wanted me to transfer out with her, but how could I when there was that dark curly haired little boy that gave me his mechanical pencil sitting behind me? (Yes, little boy. We were 15. Ha ha) He really was the only reason I stayed in that class. We started to like each other over the next couple months, and I remember one day looking back at him, grabbing another pencil (see this was my scheme) and looking at his big brown eyes thinking, "I really am going to marry him. I know it". This moment was even before he declared his love for me...... Which leads me to the next part of the story. So it was December 20th, about four months after school had started, so about four months that I had known Wren. Now mind you, there were about 20 different little girls at the time that liked him, and all of them talked about it openly, so I was scared. But freak, I liked him too. So little did I know what would happen NEXT... So back to December 20th. Wren called me on this glorious night (on my house phone) and asked if I wanted to hang out. Of course I did, I was ecstatic! So I went and jumped in my red Lebaron, that died on left hand turns, and went and picked my friends Kylie up and we were off to pick 15 year old Wren, who couldn't drive, up. Yes, I am his sugar mama. Anyway, so we get to his house and I honked. Yes, honk. Way embarrassing. So he comes walking out in his famous orange coat, carrying all of these red roses. 23 to be exact, he gave one to his mom. So I'm thinking we are going to drop them off to one of his neighbors or something. Well he gets in the car, mind you Kylie just jumped into the back seat, and Wren gets in the car. Confused I ask, "Why the roses?" This is the day he became a romantic k, so he leans in and whispers in my ear, "Because I want you to be my girlfriend." Oh my gosh is that not the cutest thing ever!!!???? And here we are today. I'm sorry to Kylie for the awkward moment in the back seat. After we dropped him off that night, we went back to my house and dipped the roses in wax. WHAT????! Why did I do that? And then hung them upside down all around my room. There they hung for... oh I'd say about two years! Creepy, I know, it looked like a witches layer, especially when I lit candles and cause the hardened wax had turned white and looked like it was dripping. I thought that this would be a great Valentines Day blog. I love my baby so much, and CLEARLY it was meant to be! I love you WREN and am proud to call you my husband.
So this little somethin is what I found when I walked in from work, so I opened it......

.....This was inside. How did I get such a ROMANTIC guy? Because I'm such a romantic lady, duh?!!

Look how cute Wren is sitting next to the pot pies he made from scratch.

Waiting to eat....

Look how seductive Wren can be? Wow.

Happy V day!

I layed one on him.

With my dollas I got these new kicks that I LOOOVE........

....and these kitson pants which I love even more. Plus my shirt, scarf, bracelet, and earrings. All of this for under seventy! (Don't spill the beans, he thinks I stayed under the sixty he gave me.) Still though, WOW! What can I say? I'm a chick for killer deals. My husband should be proud!

My sweet Wrenny went and got this Deeeluctible ice cream cake from cold stone. ON MY GASH! Seriously it was the most amazing thing, to date, that I have EVER slid into my mouth. It literally melted.

We downed it in about.... oh I'd say 5 minutes. We looooovey sugAAAA!


He gets a little camera shy, huh honey??

PS. Okay so this might be a little inappropriate, but we're all adults right? It is so dang funny I have to share it. So we are getting ready to "go to sleep" and wren proclaims.... "Oh my gosh Sav! I have always wanted a Valentines Baby!!!" Ha ha ha. I said, "Wren honey, I don't think that's going to happen thanks to a little pill I like to call Yas." Clearly he's a guy, I don't even think he realizes I take that little pill every night. Okay and one more funny thing. When I walked into the apt. and saw the cutest dinner ever waiting for me, he said, "See Savvy, Valentines Day isn't always just about the sex." Oh my gosh, um HELLO, he's telling me that? HELLO, I already knew that..... I just didn't know he knew!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

HaPpY bIrThDaY sArA!!!!!!!!!

We went out last night for Sara's birthday. We went to a really delicious Mexican restaurant... Delectable! After, we went bowling and had so much fun. We wanted to sing karaoke but the mean man never played our song. Dang him. Oh well, his loss. Anyway, it was such a fun night. We love you Sara! Happy 22nd lady!!!! We hoped you kicked it off with a bang baby!

It appears to be simply fun and games here, but we be getting ready to kick some trash people!

Me and my Baby.

Dev and Sara ready to get their game on. Nothin but strikes for these two. They're not here to party, they're here to win baby!

The birthday girl and myself.

Wren excusing himself to the little boys room.

Sara opening her present from Wren and I. I hope you liked it, you are a mighty tough one to shop for if I can say so myself S-B0B!!!

I love him.

Jenny and Aaron. Jenny was sick and had her own party in the ladies room ;)

Byron and Brianna. She's got a mean bowling arm. Wren's blood was boiling because she was beating him. Look at the Evil eye he is giving her. If looks could kill. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Me and my leading man.

Oh my heck Wren was doing the all time funniest thing with this bag. Sorry he wouldn't recap if for you Sara, ya snoos ya loose lady.

My True RoCkStAr friends Baby.......... I'm proud to be seen with them.

Look at the cute cAn on him! I've got a sexy hubby.