Sunday, May 24, 2009

My first blog spot blog on

Savannah is proud of me because I am finally doing a post.  She thinks I use to many commas so that is why I never do them.  Anyway, we went rock climbing this last week and it was a lot of fun.  Savannah scaled the wall like a salamander after its prey.  Back in the day she was not afraid to do things, then for awhile she has been way scared of everything, and now we are getting her cool again lol.  Jk, she is way ballsy once she gets going.

Look at the Holiday Ham on this one!!  Oh baby!
Sav and Brittany.

Matt and I

Anyway we had a good time.  Savannah is the best wife and we are looking forward to a fun summer.  Check it our Savannah I can use Large words to make myPost as exciting as yours.  See you all later.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So last Saturday, May 16th, it was my baby's birthday! I had a day full of surprises for him, and it ended up being SO much fun! First off, the night before dinner we went and ate with his family at Braza Grill which is one of our faves. The servers all sang Happy Birthday to our birthday boy. The next day, his birthday, we woke up and went to breakfast and I then took him shooting, his ALL time FAVE. It was a ton of fun. I always get freaked to pull the trigger for the first time of the day, but once I pull it baby, I could shoot all day..... especially at Bin Ladin's Picture (see below). After, we I had set up for us to get a couple's massage. Wren had never had a massage before and I was a little scared he wouldn't like it, but he LOOOOOVED it. Oh my gosh, every time I would look over at him in his white sheets, I couldn't help but totally bust up laughing because her was in pure heaven! Then that night we went to the Real Salt Lake game. We had second row which was fantastic. There were crowds of people trying to get in but apparantly the game was completely sold out. They didn't miss tooooo terribly much though, Real had a pretty tough night to say the least. Anyway, we had a wonderful day!!! I love my babe SO much, thanks for being born!!!!!

Take That Sucker!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Year!.....

So I am finally posting pictures from our trip to St. George. We went there for our one year anniversiary and it was so amazingly fun. My bestie Shelley Belly let us stay in her condo for free, thanks sista! We had so much fun just relaxing, going to dinner, and just getting to spend time together without the stress of work or school. We have so much fun together! We also hooked up with my cuz Adam and his girlfriend Heidi while we were down there. They ironically were there the same weekend as us and it turned out to be a blast! We hiked up snow canyon with them one of the days and ate at the the spaghetti factory with them one night and hit up good old Gold's gym to hot tub with the two love birds. They were so much fun to hang out with! Adam, we love Heidi! But I just have to say how amazingly perfect my hubby is, and seriuosly how did I get so lucky? He is so so so sweet. nice, and generous to me in every way, shape, and form. I am so greatful for him, and I can't even imagine my life without him. He makes me laugh all the time no matter how mad I am, he can turn that frown...... upside down! Here's to one year baby.... and many more to follow!

We then went to the Temple and walked around. It is such a beautiful temple!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

So we are FINALLY done with this semester.....!  Well I am.... Wren still has a couple little doolie dallies to do still, poor guy, always waiting till the last second, yet another reason I'm sure he wishes he could be more like me!  Anyway, I will soon be posting pictures from our lovely anniversiary trip to St. George , Wren says he'll do that post, when the fat lady sings I guess.  Oh and I finally got lasik done, I probably had z WORST eyes known to man kind, but now I'm rollin it 20/20 baby!  Oh and I am SO HAPPY!  I finally figured out how to make my words a tiddly tad more interesting.... thanks to Wrensophigus....... 
Love Savannah

Wren speaking...... I want a million followers to this blog so we can start having advertising for people and make free money because Savannah costs a lot of money, I have to keep up somehow ;)  Savannah speaking, NO I DON'T, isn't the price for my vision priceless???!  I do indeed believe so.  And what's it matter?  I'm his sugar mama anyway.  I bought him chips.  All he needs is a little food, well let's face it, a lot of food.... and love....... little bugger.  I still do his laundry..... and put it away.  Wren says- "I do the dishes, and make breakfast.  And on OCCASION (Sav- opportive word there) I'll do the laundry but sometimes but sometimes (Sav- ALL THE TIME) I forget to close the lid to the washer because I keep going back to my room to get more clothes to add to the pile, and forget to close the lid all together so the dirty clothes soak in the dirty water.  Now here's the kicker, then Savannah goes into switch it to the dryer, and it never even was started.  That really gets the little lady chapped."  Sav-"YES IT DOES, I HATE IT MORE THEN YOU'LL EVER KNOW! Sets me back hours.....  But I still love my big baby more than anything in the world, huh babe?"