Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Clothes

I may or may not be baby hungry......
I would die of happiness to see a fat baby girl in this little romper, I wouldn't be able to even handle it!
Wouldn't this be cute for Valentines Day? I want a baby girl to be my Valentine, Wren does too ;)
And I am obsessed with this little dress.....
......and can you imagine THIS on a fat little TUSH?!
These three top outfits are at Costco right now, only $5.49 each! How could I resist?

When I was at the Park City outlet malls in December, I found this little number....
LOVE IT, and nothing could please me more than putting my little girl in THIS furry jacket! Wren said, "Even if we had a guy (guy?) he would look cool in this fur jacket!" Okay, I guess our son will be a pimp then Wren.... All we need is a gold chain.
And I bought this little bee years ago, I can't wait for Halloween with a babies fat little legs tucked in this!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Happy and the Mad

And Wren wonders why I always smash his glasses? This could have been a very UNpleasant surprise if you catch my drift...... This is a FABULOUS place to leave your glasses Wrenjamima ;)
Okay so I have been noticing a lot of things that really bug me lately; Wren's glasses lying all over the place included (Even though he is too too cute wearing them) I know, I know, not good to do, but when I sit in this office all day, every day, my mind goes wild.

The first one is, why the F do suppliers have to stick huge stickers all over the things that I buy? I got these huge cute cups the other day and was so excited to open them up and use one. I was in a hurry and was trying to open them really fast, and to my dismay, there is a HUGE sticker going from the bottom of the bottom cup (they were stacked) all the way up the bottom cup, up all the cups stacked inside, and back down into the bottom of the top cup, you with me? Then clear back up the top cup and all the way down again on the other side. Too boring to even describe, but needless to say, I worked at getting those stupid, dumb, annoying, pointless, ugly stickers off for an hour and a half. I was sweating I was so mad. I scrubbed with our dish scrubber, I used acetone, I used Windex, I was on a mission, and you know what? IT IS STILL ON THEM! Even after multiple cycles in our dishwasher...... So now there is dark lint on all the sticky parts of the cups. NOT high fashion! Oh, and I just remembered this too, when the office and apartment here were just being finished, I had to clean the windows and there were HUGE manufacturer stickers on every single window, and if you have been over here you know there are a million windows everywhere. It plagued me and I cursed every single sticker I had to razor and Goo Gone off. Wow, my heart is beating faster just thinking about the hours of work that took me to get those sick puppies off and for no good reason at all! Anyway, I just had to publicly say this because it makes me feel better. I HATE STICKERS! So pointless and made just to torture me! Anyone with me?!

Here is just a little, by little I mean big, list of other things that really chap me:

-Watering plants
-My garments rolling up in my jeans
-Others who can't be happy for you
-Getting ready for bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, will it ever end?
-Zits.... I HATE them
-When I can feel my nose hairs moving when I breathe at night
-My own nasty hair in the shower, Wren always throws it away for me because it makes me gag
-Hair in my mouth, I gag, maybe I was not a good candidate for beauty school after all?
-When I have a candy bar, and I reach down to eat it, and it's gone, WHAT? How did I not remember eating it, let alone not getting to ENJOY eating it!
-WIND, DIRT, TUMBLEWEEDS, after this job they have a WHOLE new MEANING!
-Why is the honey jar ALWAYS sticky?
-That I have to pee 500 times a day, gets real old
-When I bite my lip
-Bad grammar and punctuation, I am constantly correcting things in my head when I read, I hate that I do this
-When my eyelashes curl into my eyeballs, makes me want to stab someone
-When my nail breaks and snags every possible material I have on
-Stubbing my toe
-Bras, they are so uncomfortable, I give up
-Hitting my hip on tables
-And just that my to do list is never ending, right when I think I'm done, something else comes up, and I don't even have kids yet, I'm scared for myself.

Okay, now I feel like the most negative person in the world, but does it sometimes seem like ALL of your worst things happen in a 24 hour time period?

Now I have to make note of the fabulous things in my life to push my positive energy into the universe after all that crap:

-Wren singing and dancing in the shower
-Just Wren period
-My job
-BEING ready for bed and laying in bed with Wren watching shows, in fact I don't know if anything makes me happier
-When my mom says that she wants my dogs to sleep on her face at night so they can transfer their positive electrons to her
-Folding my laundry right as it comes out of the dryer, sadly enough this is the only way I do laundry, I need to loosen up, but I just LOVE having it folded and not wrinkly
-My dad's singing
-A big glass of cold orange juice
-Having my teeth flossed, brushed, and mouth washed... there's the ticket! Ha ha, and the fact that I just said, "There's the ticket!"?????
-Eating out
-Decorating and reading design blogs
-Oprah, I love everything about her, her show, her magazines, I think she should be president
-When our puppy Sister leaps off the couch
-When my mom flies off the tube when we boat and my sisters and I don't realize it and she is just gone, her pin head and all, bu bye
-My mom's pin head
-A clean apartment, funny how much happiness this brings to my soul ;)
-New music
-When Wren talks in his sleep and stands up like Steve Earkle when he wakes up
-Sister's paws
-A good sale
-Fat, fat, chubby babies (I think this tops the list)
-Girl nights
-That Wren makes me breakfast in the morning
-A clean car
-Cute fabric
-Sleeping in
-That I have tomorrow off ;)

Okay I now have more good things listed than bad things and that's the way it should be because I have everything in the world to be thankful and grateful for. And I am. Sometimes all one needs is a good old fashioned vent.... (I don't know if I can use the word "vent" there or not, but whatev)

If you made it this far congratulations and sorry for a wasted 10 minutes you will never get back ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Lilly

We got to babysit our cute little niece Lilly last week. She is so dang cute. I don't know who is more obsessed: me with Lilly carrying her baby in her baby's car seat on her back everywhere she goes, or Lilly with her baby. Look, you can see her baby in every shot we have of her! So cute!
Is that not the cutest little thing ever? I love how she walks, like a little ballerina on her toes, so cute!
She is such a good little girl. She sat through church with us just listening and watching, didn't make a peep the whole time! And yes, her baby was fantastic too ;)
Baby's feet with Lilly's socks on....

Now we know that you growl Ryan! You too Allyssum, the secret is out! Ha ha so funny!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Dad's Birthday Party!

We celebrated my dad's birthday on Sunday. My grandparents came over and we ate a good home cooked meal of potatas and chili. It is always fun to get the family together and catch up.

I love my dad so much and am so blessed to have had him as a dad growing up! He is the happiest, funniest, funnest, and coolest guy I know. He has always been so nurturing and kind to me. I remember whenever I was sick he would run to the store and buy me medicine, sprite, Popsicles, you name it. He made breakfast for us every morning in high school and would bring it to us in bed! Who does that? When I was in third grade, I found out I had horrible eyes, and my dad didn't want me to have to wear glasses like he did, so he got me contacts. But because I was so young, I couldn't put them in by myself so he would put them in for me every single morning. In the summer, he would go to work in the morning and let me sleep in, and when I woke up he would drive home and put them in for me. On Saturdays, he would get us up and let us invite any friends we wanted to have come, and would take us on the Saturday Rounds, as we would call it. This consisted of movies, picnics, pet stores, ice skating, Burger King French toast sticks and many other fun things. It was a child's heaven, and we got to be with my fun dad the whole time. My grandma has told me this story before, when I was born my dad was holding me in the hospital and he looked up at my grandma (his mom) and said, "Look mom, she is mine!" I am thankful that I get to be his. He has an amazing way of showing his love for us! Now that I am older, I can see all the sacrifices he has made for us and that my mom has made for us and when I was young I didn't realize the magnitude of everything. When you get older you realize it, so I am so thankful for everything they did for us and continue to do for us!
Now that I am older, I love having conversations with him, my dad is a deep thinker and I truly value his opinion. He is a smart man. I know if I ever needed anything, he would come in a second, same with my mom. I can't wait to have my babies go with him on Saturday Rounds and get to be my dad's grandchildren. Just yesterday he brought Rache and I into the kitchen and told us he bought us food from Costco. He handed each of us a big thing of apple juice, a gallon of milk, and a big package of turkey. How nice is that? I love that he is always thinking of us. I love knowing that I could call my dad at any time and say, "Let's go to dinner, or let's go party dad", and he would be down to go. I have always been so proud to have my friend meet my dad because he is so friendly and so fun. I always felt pretty dang lucky to introduce him to people. Wren loves him so much too and is so much like him. I am so grateful for my dad. Because of him I had high expectations for what kind of man I wanted in my life and I spotted this kindness in Wren.

I am so blessed to have my dad as MY DAD. I love those two words more than anyone will ever know. MY DAD!
Birthday Slick!
Happy Birthday DAD!

Rock Star Partay!

On Saturday, we had a party with Wren's old team from work. It was so much fun. It was a Rock Star party, so we got all decked out, and were so excited to get there, and NO one dressed up except for Ally, GO ALLY, you got my back! Oh well, it was still tons of fun and I got to put makeup on Wren too, which I live for, so that made my night alone. Wren is a big baby when it comes to wearing makeup, and I'm not talking just the fact that he has to publicly go out wearing it, but the actual act of applying it he hates. I will have him close his eye and the second the eyeliner hits his eye he screams, "Owe, Owe, Owe, your getting it in my eye!" Oh my baby, so funny, we won't even begin to talk about plucking his eye brows. Love him still though.... So don't judge his eyeliner, it was a tough time to say the least even getting it on there! At the party, we played rock band, ate, and played cards. We had tons of fun. I normally don't like games, but I had so much fun playing cards, maybe because I actually beat everyone out in one of the games, FINALLY, that never happens, really never. So as Cha would say..... goooooood tiiiiiiiimes! Wren really misses his old team so it was fun for him to get to see everyone!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present to you...... BOY GEORGE!
I am obsessed with Wren in this picture, so sick!
My hand got slapped so many times, it was numb!
I even went so far as to put white feathers in my hair. See, don't ever say I'm a party pooper, cause this girl far from it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lot's of stuff.....

Last Saturday, Rache helped put together a formal ball to help awareness for abusive relationships down at BYU. It was so fun and she did a great job, it was really amazing!

I on the other hand, was very under dressed, and to make matters even worse, the dress I wore had a HUGE hole in the back of it (which I did not know by the way). Wren and I went mattress shopping right before the ball, so I totally must have ripped it when testing out all the beds. Which on a different note, Wren and I seem to always make big purchases right before we need to be somewhere and are always in a huge time crunch and stressed, and just end up buying whatever it is we're looking for mostly out of stress I think... Anyway, we bought the bed (which by the way is heaven) and made it to the ball with NO time to spare, in fact we were fashionably late. But right after we made the walk of shame to our seats, I had to use the ladies room, so Rache went to the bathroom with me and as I was washing my hands Rache goes, "Sav, what the heck, you have a HUGE hole in the back of your dress". I was all, "No..... wait, seriously?" I turned around and, no joke, the hole was like half the size of my back. So embarrassing, especially considering EVERYONE was in prom-like attire and Wren and I rolled in with our church clothes on... Long story short, I had to wear my big itchy pea coat all night long to cover the monstrosity of a hole. Ya, we were the ghetto ones there. Oh well. But the plus side, the food was amazing, the entertainment was great, and the people watching was even GREATER. Alex Boyae (I have NO idea how to spell his name) came and sang for us. He did an awesome job, but I was so pre-occupied with a couple sitting at my 10:00, that I barely even noticed Alex. The gentlemen of this couple kept full on staring at his girlfriend, or date, or whoever she was, like no joke, THE ENTIRE TIME! He would do this subtle creepy little thing with his lip (Wren has it perfected) and then stare gazingly into the side of her temple. I kept hitting Wren every five seconds to look, because every time I thought it couldn't have gotten any worse, it did. It really was a little disturbing. I hope she is still alive. Anyway, I'm so rude. And all I could think about was how excited I was to watch them on the dance floor, and let me tell you what, it was a heaven sent treasure! I showed my mom, and she was just as intrigued by the whole thing as me.... They were so in love, well maybe just HE was in love, sad sad, we'll never know. BUT, it was a great night! Good job Raezzzzell....
Cute Rachie and her date
Cha and Slick, they were so fancy!
We just got back from sacrament meeting.... No biggie
Alex Boyae (Again, Spelling ?)
I have also been look for an antique vanity dresser for quite sometime too. I have searched KSL for literally like four years trying to find exactly what I wanted. I wanted a dresser where I could sit right up next to the mirror to get ready and a lot of them didn't have that. Lot's of ones I found were way beat up and people wanted like $500 or $600 for one, which over my dead body I would have paid. So anyway, the other day I was searching again, and I found the one! It was listed for $150 and I showed Wren and he was like, "Get it!" So I called the guy and there was no answer so I left a message. He never called me back, so I called again... nothing. So I texted, emailed, called more times, and nothing. I was so sad and figured he had sold it. Well like a week later, I was at lunch with Sara and my phone rang, so I picked it up and it was him! I was so happy, he hadn't sold it and said I could run over and look at it. That I did. I got there and it was even more beat up than it was in the picture so I debated, and he decided to come down to $100. I couldn't pass it up! I loaded what I could in my car and Wren picked up the mirror after work. As I drove home, I made myself tired thinking of everything I wanted to do to it, and thought to myself, why do I always create these big projects for myself? I got home and took out every drawer and uncovered the bench and put them all in the bathtub and scrubbed them down. I cleaned the rest of the dresser itself and then got to work. I stained it a little bit darker than it was, and put a couple coats of high gloss on it. I then painted gold around the outside of the mirror because it was so worn out. I also upholstered the bench and found new hardware (thank you hobby lobby) for the drawers. Anyway, I finished it in one night, I know I'm on crack. But I can say that I never knew I could be in love with a piece of furniture. It is seriously the best to be able to sit down, legs folded, right up next to the mirror to do my makeup... I hate leaning over the counter to do my makeup, I start to sweat from a back workout, but now I don't... boo ya baby! And blow drying? Ain't nothin now that I can sit down to do it. Anyway, way too long of a story, here are some pictures....

BEFORE: Makes me tired just looking at it.
AFTER: Makes me smile just looking at it, oh the convenience!
And last, but most definitely not least... our new mattress! The only sucky thing is, I have loads and loads of queen bedding (it really is a problem), but NOTHING for a king! Literally, not a bed frame, not sheets.... nothing. So Wren's mom is so sweet and gave us some king sheets (which by the way are so comfortable, so thanks for that!) and then I bought a new bed spread and bed skirt. Okay, bed skirts.... I have never liked them, but I had to get one otherwise the box spring would have showed... what do you think? I maneuvered that bad boy for an hour, as embarrassing as that is, but it just wasn't looking right. And getting under the mattress by myself? Not an easy task might I add. I was sweating up a storm. Anyway, does it look okay?!
Well this post was entirely too long, I just have so much to say! This is what happens when you sit in an office all day alone. My thoughts cosume my mind! Ta ta...